Profiling Nathan stars an ex-con tattoo artist who, as a Guardian of Danu, guards a calamitous vision of the future . . . and a spark of hope.

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I am Dubhrin, bearer of the red ray of death. Upon me our all-knowing Mother Danu has laid a fearful vision of this our adopted world’s far off future. We of the Tuatha Dé Danann will be long departed by then, but a few of our descendants, bred with the race of man, will yet live.

In that distant time humankind will have shrunken greatly, a result of war, plague and famine. Bands of lawless, violent survivors will vie for food, water and other resources. Caring only for themselves, they will terrorize enclaves of peaceful folk attempting to rebuild their lives.

However, I foresee a spark of hope. Over a span of decades, perhaps centuries, brave men and women will emerge to quell the violence and restore order. The earth will slowly recover from devastation and life will flourish once more.

 Contrary to my former belief, I now see the beings we consider inferior are a resilient species capable of overcoming even the worst aspects of their nature. For this insight, I thank the Great Goddess.

As you doubtless realize by now, I speculate in this series of prophesies that the Tuatha Dé Danann (a real group in Irish folklore) came from a different planet. I am not the only one to consider this possible.

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