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Seeking acceptance when you’re different isn’t easy.

HarsH ReaLiTy

When you are adopted as a young child your life is not all about adoption. It only becomes centered upon that reality when people make you realize you are different. That your life isn’t “normal” and you aren’t where you are supposed to be. That is when the walls of security we have built come crashing down and we seek a new safety blanket only to find that there is none. There is only the power of acceptance.

I remember a steady path of incidences that reminded me of my adoption. They appear like stepping stones in my mind and many of those points in time are pain points of mine. I think the hardest part for an adoptee as they grow up in a foreign country is finding not only acceptance, but also understanding. Seeking, searching, striving to find someone that can relate to your struggles… that might be…

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New Series – Dog of the week (or cat, parrot or spouse) By Special Request!

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

I have received a complaint to my customer service centre (my comments) from Danny the Dog who feels that my new series Book of the Week was a typo… and should have been Dog of the Week.

The customer is always right!!!! And so for the sake of a quiet life……here is a new series of Dog of the Week… or cat (Zoe) Parrot, any other four-legged pet and of course a husband or wife.

Meet Danny

danny-looking-goodBeneath his bohemian and dare devil good looks, Danny exhibits remarkable sagacity for such a laid back canine. Articulate and with a wry sense of humour, Danny also manages his human, Andrew Joyce with firm discipline. He does however appear to keep him on a short leash.. Andrew is an author and under the careful scrutiny of Danny, he has published the following. (I have to mention these as the sale of said…

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Do you like ghost stories?

If so, you should check out my post on Sweethearts of the West.

I’m blogging about the famous Winchester mansion and bizarre events reported there.

Winchester Mystery House

Winchester Mystery House; photo by Jim Heaphy; Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported


Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

Indie Author Day

Indie Author Day

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Extract of an article from Indies Unlimited on 4th July 2016:

Note: This article was supplied by the good folks at Indie Author Day and was posted by IU Staffer Melissa Bowersock.

Considering the ground that indie authors have been gaining over the past decade, it is astonishing to see that, according to a recent report by Library Journal, even though self-published eBooks account for 80 percent of Amazon’s bestseller lists, only 20 percent of libraries carry them. So, how can you be proactive and help to bridge the gap between libraries and the indie writing community?

Find out more by clicking on the link or logo below:

Indie Author Day


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Beetleypete Reviews “How to Get Good Reviews on Amazon”

Nicholas C. Rossis

Pete and Ollie | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's booksPete, aka Beetleypete, is one of Amazon’s top reviewers, with an impressive rank of 3,212 out of the 10,000 top reviewers. When he saw my post on Theo Rogers’ book, How to Get Good Reviews on Amazon, he kindly shared his review in a comment. I’m posting it here, as I feel it will be of great interest to authors:

“I have just read Theo’s book this morning and have the following observations. As an Amazon reviewer myself, he has got it EXACTLY right. It is specific to Amazon, to answer other queries, but Theo is a very experienced reviewer and what he says about the ‘Amazon Jungle’ is 100% correct, from my own less detailed findings.

This book is mainly about what not to do when soliciting reviews for books (or products) on Amazon, as well as good advice on how to approach the same thing correctly.

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Catching Up with Peggy L. Henderson

Pioneer Hearts

Today we’re catching up with the brilliant Peggy L. Henderson, author of the fabulous Yellowstone Romance Series. Peggy has been described by her fans as “the J.K. Rowling of Yellowstone”. The visual descriptions in her books are stunning, the romance is sensuous and her time travel stories are on fire!  Many people might turn away at the words time travel, but if you’ve not tried these books, this reader strongly suggests that you are missing out on an extremely well-written, historical western romance series with a hybrid twist!

Peggy’s new release, Yellowstone Legacy , released on July 12th, and her devoted fans are commenting that their heads exploded with all the twists and turns revealed in the pages within.

“What we think we know may be completely different…”

Nurse Michaela Stephens has led a quiet, ordinary life, limited by restrictions and fear of making mistakes. When she is…

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Mourning for Dallas

I live in Fort Worth, some thirty miles west of Dallas. Today I am one with my sisters and brothers in Big D. I grieve with them for the death of five police officers and the wounding of seven others last night. This tragedy on top of the horrific killing of innocent black men in Louisiana and Minnesota, the mass slaughter in Orlando and in Bagdad, causes me to throw up my hands and cry to God “When will it stop? When will we learn to love one another instead of hating and fearing those who look different or believe differently in you than we do?”

A community prayer service was just held in Dallas’s Thanksgiving Square. I caught part of it on television and found it tremendously moving. Blacks and whites, Christians and Muslims, police, city officials and civilians came together to pray for the victims of last night’s shooting, for Dallas and our nation. If only all Americans, all human beings, would come together like this, what a beautiful world we might build.