Tuatha de Denann | Who Were They Really?

Fascinating post! Ali share legends and possible explanations about the Tuatha de Denann upon whom my series Romancing the Guardians is based upon.



Stories of the Tuatha de Denann were passed down through the ages into legend via the ancient oral tradition of Ireland’s poets. Later, Christian monks began assembling and recording them in an effort to produce a history for Ireland. Inevitably, these texts were influenced by their beliefs and doctrines, their translation skills (or lack of), and the desire to please their patrons. What we are left with is impossible to distil into fact and fiction.

These myths are so fantastic, so bizarre, that no scholar or historian worth his salt would ever entertain them as anything other than pure fantasy. But I am not a scholar, and I don’t have to worry about academic reputation, and I say there is no smoke without fire.

Tuatha de Denann (pronounced Thoo-a day Du-non) is translated as ‘tribe of Danu’. Scholars are agreed that Danu was the name of their Goddess, most probably…

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Meet Naoto Matsumura, The Guardian of Fukushima’s Animals

Meet Naoto Matsumura, The Guardian of Fukushima’s Animals

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Naoto Matsumura is the only human who now lives in Fukushima’s 12.5-mile radiation exclusion zone in Japan.

Naoto Matsumura, Guardian of Fukushima’s Animals

At first he fled the radation-riddle area, but he returned soon after to feed his animals.

Naoto Matsumura, Guardian of Fukushima’s AnimalsNaoto Matsumura, Guardian of Fukushima’s Animals

Matsumura then realized that there were thousands of other creatures that needed to be fed, as well. The 55-year-old says he knows the radiation levels are dangerous but refuses to worry about it.

Naoto Matsumura, Guardian of Fukushima’s AnimalsNaoto Matsumura, Guardian of Fukushima’s AnimalsNaoto Matsumura, Guardian of Fukushima’s AnimalsNaoto Matsumura, Guardian of Fukushima’s Animals

“They told me that I wouldn’t get sick for 30 years. I’ll most likely be dead by then anyway, so I couldn’t care less,” he said.

When he first returned, he saw that thousands of cows had died after being locked up in barns. He freed the creatures that had been left tied up by their owners and takes care of all of them.

Naoto Matsumura, Guardian of Fukushima’s AnimalsNaoto Matsumura, Guardian of Fukushima’s AnimalsNaoto Matsumura, Guardian of Fukushima’s AnimalsNaoto Matsumura, Guardian of Fukushima’s Animals

Today, most of the creatures rely on him for food, and he works entirely on the support of donations and…

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Sleep: A Key to A Balanced Life

A common condition I encounter in medical practice is insomnia. Many patients struggle with sleep and many are prescribed hypnotics or sleeping medications. According to the website sleepeducation.com, 10% of adults have a chronic form of insomnia. This means they have problems sleeping 3 times per week for at least 3 months.

Primary insomnia is due to a state of hyperarousal, and when an electro encephalogram (brain wave test) is done, reveals more beta waves than others (alpha, delta and theta). These beta waves are present when we are awake (as opposed to alpha – a state between wakefulness and sleep; such as daydreaming or meditation). People who have primary insomnia also secrete more cortisol, a hormone involved in the stress response

Often, patients complain of insomnia and ask for sleeping medications. These promote sleep by affecting certain neurotransmitters such as GABA. Although they do help…

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A quill cured my dyslexia

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I don’t normally write this sort of thing it’s a tad too personal. Obviously it’s not been cured by using a quill. I wouldn’t want you to get the wrong impression either, being dyslexic is not the end of the world. Although it’s classed as a disability it’s a long way from being the worst. I would much rather be dyslexic than say blind or have muscular dystrophy. It hasn’t stopped me doing what I want in life, although I have had to work a lot harder because of it.

Those who are dyslexic can vary a great deal in how it affects them. I can read very well, in fact I read a lot. Occasionally I’ll skip a word and miss the sense of a sentence and have to re-read a few times until I’ve got it right. My biggest problem comes with spelling and hand writing. My hand…

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Ullandhaug – Stavanger

The thoughts and life of me

Evening time from Ullandhaug tower Evening time from Ullandhaug tower

My parents are away on summer holidays and for logistical purposes and for the change in scenery we decided to stay over at their place for a night. They only live a 5 minutes drive away from me, but you feel like you’re more away from the centre of town than that. When we were there we decided to take a little walk up to a tower on a hill a few minutes walk up the road. The view up there is very nice.

Met this little fellow on our way Met this little fellow on our way.

When I lived with my parents I used to go for walks in this area all the time, but having plenty of opportunities closer but it’s been a while since I have walked here. The weather was a bit on and off, but it was quite lovely and warm.The tower  is called Ullandhaugtårnet, meaning…

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Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary

The authors of Rawhide ‘n Roses, A Western Romance Anthology are donating all proceeds from sales to the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. Please help us protect these endangered, beautiful symbols of the Wild West!

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Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary