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Happy Turkey Day

Today, I’d like to tempt you with a little pre-turkey day appetizer: a brief excerpt from TEMPTING ADAM (Romancing the Guardians, Book 7). Food for thought if you will.

Adam led Ellie, Lara and her companion Conn to his hut. Ducking inside, he switched on a battery-operated lantern and motioned the others in. He sat on his cot with Ellie, while Conn and Lara settled opposite them on the cot belonging to his assistant.

“Okay, talk,” he said to Lara.

She smiled at Ellie. “Let’s begin by explaining who we are for the newest member of our little group.” Clearing her throat, she said, “Adam and I are members of a secret society known as the Guardians of Danu. There are seven of us.”

Frowning, Ellie asked, “Who or what is Danu?”

“She is the Great Goddess from whom we all spring, the Creator if you prefer. We Guardians have been chosen to protect seven precious scrolls passed down through our families for countless generations. Recorded on each scroll is a sacred prophesy given eons ago by Danu to the circle of mages from whom we are descended. We are sworn to protect those prophesies, with our lives if necessary.”

Ellie cast an incredulous glance at Adam, who sat staring grimly at the dirt floor. Looking to Lara, she said, “That’s quite a fantastic tale. Forgive me if I find it rather hard to believe.”

Lara’s expression went from serious to wryly amused. “You’re forgiven. If I didn’t know it to be true, I would be skeptical myself. Maybe you will believe me if I tell you how I got this.” She fingered her scarred cheek, then related how her uncle had been killed in a car wreck about a year ago, and how she’d been injured in the same accident, explaining the scar and her limp.

“While I was recovering, the police informed me the brakes and transmission on Uncle Malcolm’s car had been tampered with, causing the wreck. I also received a message from the Hellhounds – my uncle’s name for the monsters who demanded he give them the ruling scroll, and who murdered him when he refused. They had my sister, they said, trying to force me into turning over the scroll.” Head bent, she said, “Instead, they forced me to make the most difficult decision of my life.”

She looked up when Conn, evidently her true mate, slipped his arm around her. Giving him a wobbly smile, she choked out, “Abandoning my sister, I fled to Ireland, where I met Conn. Without him, the hounds would have captured me and the ruling scroll. Since then, attempts have been made to capture the other Guardians but thank the Goddess, none succeeded.”

“And now you think they are coming after me,” Adam said.

Lara nodded. “Yes. All of the others are safe in a hidden location. Conn and I have come to take you there. Once the gathering is complete, we must devise a way to defeat the Hellhounds once and for all.”

TEMPTING ADAM will be released in early 2018. The epic series will conclude with Book 8 later in the year. Meanwhile, if you haven’t read the earlier installments, you can get the first 4 books in one bundle and save a buck or so besides. Grab Romancing the Guardians Series – Part One on Amazon and enjoy the read while you digest all that turkey and goodies!

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The Pet Character – Guest Post by, Craig Boyack…

The Pet Character – Guest Post by, Craig Boyack…

Interesting post about using pet characters in a novel.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Hello, jungle dwellers. Craig here again, and today I want to talk about the pet character. I’m using this term, but it applies to any animals and even things like SIRI or other artificial intelligence characters. For you paranormal fans, maybe it’s Grandpa’s haunted tiki mug.

Firstly, the pet is a side character. They exist in the story for a reason that relates to another character, usually the main character.

I find them useful when you have a loner. Your character is going to spend a lot of time alone, and if they talk to the animal you don’t have to write out pages of internal thought. Without even acting, the pet can serve a purpose.

The pet should act in some way, even if it’s just comic relief. I have a trunk novel where a dog threw a horse turd in the air like a ball as the enemy…

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