Beguiling Delilah features a woman of means who has a special gift with numbers. She also guards a harrowing prophesy of worldwide financial collapse.

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I, Odelion, am a child of the Great Mother Danu. She it was who gave me a magical knowledge of numbers and how to employ them. Now she has also imparted a dire vision of a time when mankind will be thrown into chaos, not only by wars, plague and famine, but by false leaders who use numbers unwisely to gain power.

 In this future time world money systems will fail, resulting in the fall of nations both mighty and small. People who believed themselves safe from poverty will lose jobs and property while the poor who depended on government support will be left destitute. Only the wealthy few will continue to live well, but only for a short while.

Mob rule will turn cities into killing fields as men and women and even children turn into beasts fighting over food and shelter. No one will be safe. Even the very rich will lose their beautiful palaces and precious belongings, as well as their lives in many cases.

 Eventually order will be restored, but generations will pass before money is trusted again. So sayeth the Great Goddess.

Unlike Delilah, I am no numbers whiz, but it doesn’t take a financial guru to see that money currently pretty much rules the world. Will the almighty dollar be king forever? Maybe not.


4 comments on “Gift Six: Money or Back to Bartering?

  1. This one sounds all too possible, Lyn. A harrowing prophesy that I hope doesn’t come true!

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