Not a pleasant prediction, this prophesy is from Touching Charlotte. It was inspired by headlines about the ebola virus.

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I am called Rinella. Our Great Mother Danu has visited my dreams, showing me a far distant future filled with suffering such as I would not wish even upon our wicked enemies the Milesians.

 In that time there will arise a terrible sickness that will spread over the entire earth, carried by humans on their flying machines. Victims will grow ill one day, suffering fever, coughs and stomach pain. Their symptoms will worsen rapidly, draining them of fluids and destroying their internal elements, killing them by the second day in many cases.

Physicians and those who study diseases will search for a way to cure the pestilence, to no avail. Within days many thousand will die, within weeks millions. The human population, already reduced by war, will diminish to small, scattered groups of those with immunity to the plague. These survivors will be left to fight for food in a world of death.

I pray to the Goddess my descendants will not live to see these days.

Sorry I’m late posting this prophesy.  I’ll try to post earlier in the day tomorrow. Expect predictions straight out of Mad Max! But also hopeful.

3 comments on “Gift Four: Pray It Doesn’t Come True

  1. I was looking forward to this post, Lyn. A frightening prophesy. After seeing the way ecoli attacks a body, I have no wish to see an ebola outbreak. The prophesy reminds me of the black plague.


    • Diana, Yes, it is frightening. I don’t want to see it fulfilled, but I fear something like this could occur. Viruses mutate so quickly and antibiotics become less effective. Explorers and researchers poke around in jungles where animals have evolved with viruses they are immune to, but we humans aren’t. That could spell doom for humankind. I pray this never happens but . . .

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