Donald Trump and the American question through Brit eyes.

You may not agree with David’s viewpoint, but he certainly offers food for thought. When he asks if it is such a sacrifice to ensure the safety of a child, I have to say NO.


Did Donald Trump suggest Hilary Clinton should be assassinated by second amendment supporters? Probably no, but it was certainly a questionable statement that he should thoroughly explain. It wouldn’t be much of a joke considering the number of assassination attempts on Presidents and Presidential candidates in the past.

Having brought up the question of the Second Amendment in a way that suggests supporters of that should be backing his run for the Presidency also suggests that all supporters of a reasonable move towards gun control should be supporting Hilary Clinton. I suggest she makes a big play of this in her run for the White House. There must in fact be  arguments for and against gun control within both parties which could find some people crossing the voting floor.

When I think about the time that the second amendment was written and the wording of it I’m easily confused. No…

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Cover The Words Book Cover Contest

Are you published in the romance genre? Do you love your book cover(s)? Then the Cover The Words Cover Contest is for you. Sponsored by Yellow Rose Romance Writers of America, the contest is now open for entries. As a member, I hope you will seize this opportunity to let your gem(s) shine.

Cover the Words 2016

Fee: $15 per entry

Entries accepted from August 15 – September 4, 2016

Entry: Electronic submission of any romance book or novella’s front cover.

Covers may be from traditional or indie published works of all romance genres.
Cover must be from a currently published work.

Judging: Overall Winner in each category will be determined through popular voting.

 Prizes and Awards:

First place winner in each category will receive a badge to display on their website, a mention on our website & Facebook page and will be announced in the RWR magazine.

Cover The Words

The Best Display of Romantic Fiction


Rescuing Lara by: Lyn Horner

Rescuing Lara by: Lyn Horner

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Smorgasbord Pet Health – Kennel Cough – Hygiene is just as important for dogs – as is not sharing food and water bowls.

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

Smorgasbord Pet Health

One of the biggest worries about leaving a dog in kennels when we are away on business or holiday is that risk that they might contract kennel cough.

This is an airborne infection, which is highly contagious and the disease got its name because it thrives in places where dogs interact with each other closely.  A dog can however catch the infection from contact with just one dog or with its toys, bedding or body fluids.

The official name is Canine infectious tracheobronchitis but is also referred to sometimes as fungal lung.  As with humans it is a viral or bacterial infection with the added complication of mycoplasma which is a combination of both.  Usually a dog will fight off a single attack. However, when it is in the vicinity of many dogs either in a kennel environment or at a dog show it will be subjected…

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Dark Ages Royal Palace Discovered In Cornwall – In Area Closely Linked To The Legend Of King Arthur



David Keys
August 5, 2016

The mysterious origins of the British archaeological site most often associated with the legend of King Arthur have just become even more mysterious.

Archaeologists have discovered the impressive remains of a probable Dark Age royal palace at Tintagel in Cornwall. It is likely that the one-metre thick walls being unearthed are those of the main residence of the 6th century rulers of an ancient south-west British kingdom, known as Dumnonia.

Scholars have long argued about whether King Arthur actually existed or whether he was in reality a legendary character formed through the conflation of a series of separate historical and mythological figures.

But the discovery by English Heritage-funded archaeologists of a probable Dark Age palace at Tintagel will certainly trigger debate in Arthurian studies circles – because, in medieval tradition, Arthur was said to have been conceived at Tintagel as a result of an illicit union…

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Page 6

Page 6

Seeking acceptance when you’re different isn’t easy.

When you are adopted as a young child your life is not all about adoption. It only becomes centered upon that reality when people make you realize you are different. That your life isn’t “normal” and you aren’t where you are supposed to be. That is when the walls of security we have built come crashing down and we seek a new safety blanket only to find that there is none. There is only the power of acceptance.

I remember a steady path of incidences that reminded me of my adoption. They appear like stepping stones in my mind and many of those points in time are pain points of mine. I think the hardest part for an adoptee as they grow up in a foreign country is finding not only acceptance, but also understanding. Seeking, searching, striving to find someone that can relate to your struggles… that might be…

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