The Pet Character – Guest Post by, Craig Boyack…

The Pet Character – Guest Post by, Craig Boyack…

Interesting post about using pet characters in a novel.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Hello, jungle dwellers. Craig here again, and today I want to talk about the pet character. I’m using this term, but it applies to any animals and even things like SIRI or other artificial intelligence characters. For you paranormal fans, maybe it’s Grandpa’s haunted tiki mug.

Firstly, the pet is a side character. They exist in the story for a reason that relates to another character, usually the main character.

I find them useful when you have a loner. Your character is going to spend a lot of time alone, and if they talk to the animal you don’t have to write out pages of internal thought. Without even acting, the pet can serve a purpose.

The pet should act in some way, even if it’s just comic relief. I have a trunk novel where a dog threw a horse turd in the air like a ball as the enemy…

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Something to Brag About!

As some of you may recall, I have a neuro-muscular disability called Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease, CMT for short. My daughter also has it. For that reason, my husband and I belong to the CMT Association, which is leading the race for a cure. Each year, we take part in the annual Walk 4 CMT in September to raise funds for critical research.

2017 group walk 4 CMTA

Dallas Walk 4 CMT 2017

Yesterday, I received an email from our branch leader announcing the results:

THANK YOU all for being a part of the Dallas Walk 4 CMT 2017! Each of you are an integral part of our success. . . .

YOU helped make the Dallas Walk 4 CMT a tremendous achievement. This year, a record 110 people took part in the festivities at South Lakes Park and together we raised over $9,600 for the CMTA towards ending CMT! We could not have done it without you. Cheers!

Nationally, the Walk has raised close to $160,000, and still growing. Hooray!

If you would like to find out more about CMT, go here:

As a Writer, What Inspires You?

As a Writer, What Inspires You?

Author Don Massenzio


How many of you can relate to the sentiment in this graphic? Do you wake up every morning excited about writing? Is writing a natural part of your life?

If so, what inspires you to embrace this obsession? The purpose of this post is to attempt to determine the things that drive us to write and to not give up. Many of us our independent authors (I prefer this term over self-published). We outsource our publishing to platforms like Amazon, CreateSpace and others. We use cover designers and editors just as a traditional publisher would or perform these services on our own.

Why do we do this without a guarantee that anyone will read our work? Here are some of my reasons.

GoalWriting has been a lifelong goal Since my childhood I have been enthralled with books. I read everything I could get my hands on and wrote…

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Solstice of the Moon: The Butcher’s Stone…

So sad . . .

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

““Culloden,” he said, the whispered word an evocation of tragedy.”
Outlander: Voyager, Diana Gabaldon

We had turned off the main road to Inverness, and were heading down the ‘B’ roads in search of an ancient site we wanted to visit. As we drove, a young stag leaped out into the road in front of us, his emerging antlers still rounded and covered with velvet. I was glad that I was not driving at speed as we followed the brown signs that said ‘Culloden’; there have been more than enough deaths there without adding to their number. But that was  one place we were not going. The battlefield of Culloden has too many tales of horror and too many uneasy ghosts still haunt moor and memory. I had no desire to feel them… and, as a sassenach myself, there is a lingering sense of shame for the actions of the Duke…

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Elusive realities: Deanna Kahler – My Overnight Visitor

Touching tale of a spirit who brought hope.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

The rain poured down on our rooftop that night, and our previously dark and quiet house became filled with bright flashes of light and deep rumbles of thunder. My young daughter, who is afraid of thunderstorms, raced into our bedroom.

“Mom, I’m scared. Can you sleep in my bed with me?” Of course, I agreed.

I felt on edge too, but not because of the storm. I was facing other fears. Tomorrow I was scheduled for a breast biopsy. This was the second time in a few years that doctors had found something suspicious. Last time, when my daughter had just started preschool, I underwent breast surgery to remove abnormal tissue. Luckily, it turned out to be papillomas, benign growths in the ducts. However, faced with yet another procedure on the same breast, my fears ran high once again.

Cancer was no stranger to my family. My father and grandfather…

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Zoe – Under a Halloween Moon…

Zoe – Under a Halloween Moon…

Monsters scare Zoe on Halloween!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Zoe – Under a Halloween Moon

Greetings, my friends! Zoe here. Some of you might be familiar with my claim to fame, which is that I am a cat author. PLEASE NOTE: I am not a human who writes about cats. I am a cat who writes about humans. Actually, I write about my adventures which sometimes include those two-legged creatures we call humans, and very occasionally my stories will include the human I live with. Emily’s her name and painting’s her game. But now back to

A few days ago, I noticed that every time Emily went out, she returned with bags of candy. Chocolates, her favorite. But the bags remained unopened—that was my first big clue. I also noticed a lot of orange and black “stuff” coming out of their hibernating places. Clue number two. And now, the front of our house is decorated to be attractive…

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Smorgasbord Reblog – Odd Jobs and Characters – The Odd Jobs Gal – Swashbuckle and Romance hosted by Lyn Horner

Thank you, Sally!

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

Very grateful to author Lyn Horner for hosting this week’s episode of Odd Jobs and Characters.. More about Lyn and her books after the extract. I hope you will head over and check out the rest of the post on Lyn’s blog.  Thanks Sally

Last week I wrote about my cross country journey of many hours by train, to reach a hotel in the heart of the Snowdonia National Park in Wales. My time there was filled with adventures, and in this post I would like to introduce you to a couple of memorable guests.

To spice things up a little, and since I am the guest of an award-winning romance author, I have included a little love interest.

Snowdonia National Park; wikipedia creative commons; photo by Mike Peel

The hotel boasted an award winning restaurant which overlooked the Mawddach estuary. In the summer months in particular, guests could…

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