Memories are Made of This – 2001 – A year the world will never forget

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memories 2001When this photograph was taken at the top of the World Trade Centre in May 2001 we were all blissfully unaware that just four months later this restaurant and most of the staff that served us that lunchtime would no longer exist. We had flown to New York from Dublin and spent three days going to the theatre, visiting Central Park and of course shopping. Having lunch at the top of one of these iconic towers was at the top of the list.

We carried on to Toronto and caught up with some former colleagues and friends we had worked with from Bell Canada and enjoyed a leisurely tour of this delightful city.  But, it had certainly been a trip of coincidences that amused us and we often talk about now.

In our lane in Beabeg was a lovely family and both parents worked for Aer Lingus. Berna was a…

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A Soldier’s Boots

Chronic Conditions & Life Lessons

Please help bring me back

Pink eraser to wipe away pain in my head

Untie laces of dusty brown from sandy boots on feet

Remove them one by one to stroke white of limbs

Hold fingerless hand while stroking healing scars

Kiss my cheek with warm gentle lips

Like an angel’s light warm so bright

I’m more than a uniform of flesh and bones

Look at me and you may see what I used to be

I was your neighbor next door

A father or mother, a husband or wife

A sister or brother, an uncle or aunt, a cousin or friend

People loved me

Yes, I used to feel real…

With a body that moved this way and that

Before these sandy boots on my feet


I laughed and joked

Sat in the grass to play with my kids

Skipped in bare feet near the ocean so blue

Walked to…

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Release Day Minus 1

Well, actually minus one & one-half. TOUCHING CHARLOTTE releases on May 26th – this Thursday. It’s not too late to pre-order, which I would surely appreciate. As I mentioned in my previous post, pre-orders help boost a book up the ranks on Amazon, making it more visible for readers on release day.

As an incentive to pre-order Touching Charlotte, I’m making RESCUING LARA, the award-winning first book in this series FREE for 3 days beginning tomorrow, May 25th. I hope you will take advantage of this special offer.

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Rescuing Lara:

Decoding Michaela:

Capturing Gabriel:

Touching Charlotte:

Date Change & Why Use Pre-orders

I goofed!

When I set the release date for Touching Charlotte as Tuesday, May 24th, I forgot that big publishing houses often release new books on Tuesdays. It’s not a good idea for indie authors to put a new book up against the big boys, so I pushed back the release date to Thursday, May 26. I hope there will be enough pre-orders by then to boost my book up the ranks on Amazon.

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The importance of pre-orders:

1. Pre-orders boost a book’s ranking on Amazon, B&N, Apple, Kobo, etc. on release day. The higher it ranks in its categories and in the site’s overall sales, the greater the chances your baby will be noticed by readers, which in turn may lead to more sales and an even higher ranking.

2. Pre-orders contribute to first week sales. Enough of them and your  book might make it onto a bestsellers list. We all dream of that, right?

3. If your book is traditionally published, a large volume of pre-orders may cause the vendor to place an order for more copies from your publisher — before your book even hits the shelves.

With these factors in mind, I plan to always offer my future books for pre-order.

If you are interested in reading Touching Charlotte, please, please Pre-order it now. You will make a real difference in the book ranking on release day.

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How and when to put your book on pre-order:

I’ve learned it’s best to start your pre-order campaign at least 30 days prior to the release date of your book. This allows more time to spread the word to your followers and on social media, and for pre-order sales to grow.

You can upload your book as a rough draft when placing it on pre-order. However, in the case of Amazon, you must upload the final copy no later than 10 days before the scheduled release date. Why? Because Amazon doesn’t like authors to miss their release date and upset customers. If an author does not upload their final copy by that 10-day cutoff, they lose pre-order privileges for one year.

On Amazon, placing a book on pre-order is much the same as uploading and releasing it immediately. You fill in the same details, upload the book cover if ready, upload the book, set the price, etc. The difference is you indicate on the form that this is a pre-order submission. (There’s a spot for that.) And, if you wish to upload a rough draft, you also indicate that.

That’s pretty much it. Just make sure you follow that 10-day rule!

Questions? email me:

You can also find me on these sites:

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Cover Reveal & Pre-Order

Touching Charlotte is now live for Pre-Order on Amazon. Order now and receive your Kindle copy on May 24th.

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I had fun with this 4th book in my Romancing the Guardians series. Covered new ground in New York City and the Gold Coast of Long Island, where The Great Gatsby was staged. The romance is sweet and slow to build at first, but I think you will enjoy Tristan’s dilemma as he tries to get close to Charlotte, who can’t stand to be touched.

The romance heats up and suspense builds with the arrival of unexpected company. Then watch out when the Guardians’ mortal enemies, the Hellhounds show up. A secret room in the old mansion and a wild ride through the night spell action!

What desperate measures must Tristan take to save his lady from the villains? Will Charlotte overcome fear and allow herself to love? Come join these two for a winter romp through New York City, ski slopes in the Catskill Mountains, and a lonely old mansion once the hangout of gangsters.

Order now and enjoy over Memorial Day!