Fan Comments Make My Day!

I’m aglow with fan love! Read these wonderful comments and you’ll see why.

August 22, 2012

“Just purchased Six Cats In My Kitchen, White Witch, and Darlin’ Druid for my Kindle after downloading Dashing Druid for free. The description and reviews on the free one caught my interest and now I’m anxious to finish what I’m currently reading so I can begin reading yours!” ~~ Jody Kibbey

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August 28, 2012

“I have so enjoyed your books. I was wondering when dearest Druids would be coming out. I feel like I am hanging with suspense.” ~~ Linda

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Book Blurb–Opinions Please!

This is the book jacket blurb for the print edition of Darlin’ Druid. I’d love to get some feedback.

Psychics in the Old West? Yup! Say howdy to Lyn Horner’s Texas Druids. This first book in her planned trilogy is a tale of epic adventure, stormy romance and family strife, set ablaze by flashes of Druid magic.

Jessie Devlin, a descendent of the “Old Ones,” sees into the future. A prophetic vision sends her west in search of a man she believes she’s fated to love. Captain David Taylor, a Texan exiled from home after fighting for the Yankees in the Civil War, might be the man Jessie seeks. Or has her gift betrayed her? Will her quest lead her to happiness . . . or into a deadly trap?

Cover 300 ppi

Banner in Blue from Indie Author News

Darlin' Druid banner

Isn’t this a pretty banner? It’s currently running on Indie Author News. Designed by Alan Kealey, the site owner, who kindly gave me permission to post it.

Darlin’ Druid was recently a featured book on Indie Author News. You can still read the article if you wish.

Making Amazon Forums Work for You

Ladies and Gents, I have a blog running on Writers In The Storm today with the above title. Want to find out how I learned (painfully) the right and wrong way to use the forums? Y’all come on over!

Romance through the Ages Published Author Contest 2012 Results

Permission to forward encouraged and much appreciated.

Sponsored by Hearts through History Romance Writers Chapter #189


1st—The Sinner by Margaret Mallory

2nd—The Guardian by Margaret Mallory

3rd—My Wild Highlander by Vonda Sinclair


1st—Redeeming the Rogue by Donna McMeans

2nd—The Angel & St. Claire by Diana Hussey

3rd—The Rogue Who Loved Me by Ingela Hyatt

Romantic Suspense

1st—Deadly Dreams by Kylie Brant

2nd—Deadly Sins by Kylie Brant

3rd—Courting Death by Carol Stephenson

Best First Book

1st—Night Walker by Lisa Kessler

2nd—Mind Over Matter by S J Clarke

3rd—A Run for Love by Callie Hutton

Best First Historical

1st—Blood and Treasure by Jenn Bray-Weber

2nd—Healing Hearts by Taryn Kincaid

Colonial/Civil War/Western

1st—Much Ado About Marshalls by Jacquie Rogers

2nd—West of Heaven by Barbara Scott

3rd—Dashing Druid by Lyn Horner

Novella Historical

1st—Christmas at Farley Manor by Cheryl Manor

2nd—The Trinket Seller’s Daughter by Nicole Hurley-Moore

3rd—A Wife by Christmas by Callie Hutton


1st—The Djinn’s Dilemma by Mina Khan

2nd—Butterflies are Free by Debby Lee


1st—After Midnight by Sarah Grimm

2nd—Talk of the Town by Barbara Scott

Fantasy/Futuristic/Paranormal/Time Travel

1st—Night Walker by Lisa Kessler

2nd—Past Her Time by Melissa Jarvis

3rd—Twist of Time by Sandy James

Inspirational/YA Historical

1st—The Merchant’s Daughter by Melanie Dickerson

2nd—Passage to November by Phyllis DeMarco

3rd—Washed Under the Waves by Gloria Clover

Denise Pattison

President, HHRW

Coordinator, 2012 RTTA Published Author Contest

Dashing Druid Takes 3rd in High Profile Contest

Cover 35% for WP posts pgHey y’all, I have exciting news! I just got word from the Hearts Through History RWA chapter that my entry in their 2012 Romance Through the Ages Published Author Contest is a winner. Dashing Druid took third place in the Colonial/Civil War/Western category. Entries were judged by avid romance readers. Winners will be included in a full-page RWR (Romance Writers Report) advertisement.

Woohoo! Am I thrilled? You better believe it!

Darlin’ Druid FREE Today on Amazon

Volume one in my Texas Druids trilogy, this award winning book introduces the Devlin siblings. Descended from the “Old Ones” — ancient Irish Druids — each possesses a unique psychic power. Jessie Devlin, the star of book one, sees into the future. Her gift leads her west on a perilous journey in search of a mysterious stranger she believes she’s destined to love. Follow her quest in this action-packed, passionate western romance.