Another Free Day Fowl-up

I’m upset! My free day for White Witch shows “In Progress” on my Amazon bookshelf, but it’s not marked free on the product page. I just sent KDP Support a message, but I’m afraid the free day will be over before they do anything about it. This is really annoying!

Stay tuned for updates.


Free Day Date Wrong!

I’m so sorry, tomorrow is the free day for White Witch, not today. When I chose the day on Amazon, I first picked Jan. 28th, then changed it to the 27th, but the change obviously didn’t make it through their system.

Grrr! It seems like every time I choose a free day, something gets fowled up. Usually it’s my memory, which is like a sieve these days, but this time it really isn’t my fault. Anyway, if you went and looked at the retail page, only to discover it’s not free today, I deeply apologize. Please try again tomorrow, January 28th.

Another Coup for Darlin’ Druid

I don’t like braggarts and hate to constantly pump my own work, but being a self-pubHappy face starlished author, I don’t have much choice. So here I go again!

Four-star review for Darlin’ Druid from BigAl’s Books and Pals 

Cowboy silhouette
Genre: Western Romance/Historical Romance/Supernatural

Approximate word count: 105-110,000 words

”Jessie Devlin, the daughter of Irish immigrants, has prophetic visions and goes west in search of the man of her dreams (and visions). Captain David Taylor is a Texan, estranged from his father after fighting for the “wrong side” in the US Civil War. Is Captain Taylor the man Jessie is looking for?
Darlin’ Druid takes place in 1872 and is set in Utah and Texas.”

7.Westbound train
”My natural tendency is to shy away from both historical and western genres. Darlin’ Druid combines both, along with a touch of something else, either supernatural or paranormal, depending on how you define these. I know why I have this tendency. It’s because I don’t think I’ll be able to relate to a story so far removed from my own life and experiences. Yet I consistently find when I venture into new genres that the human experience, regardless of differences in time, geography, or even worlds, is often enough the same to draw me in. That was what I found in Darlin’ Druids.

In her bio, the author says she enjoys the historical research for her books. Although I’m not a history buff, through education and reading I’ve picked up a lot of the history of the time and areas where this novel takes place (primarily Chicago, Utah, and Texas) and the historical elements, including many subtle touches, all ring true. Another thing that will often throw me in a story that takes place in areas I’m familiar with is if they get a geographical detail wrong. Horner obviously did her research here, too.

All of this would be for naught if there weren’t a good story here, but there is. It blends a compelling romantic story line, and all that implies, with a coming-of-age story line for the heroine, Jessie, and to a lesser degree, for the hero, David. Jessie’s prophetic visions, which give Darlin’ Druid its supernatural twist, serve as a plot device, by foreshadowing and also driving Jessie’s decisions. Fans of historical romance and possibly even those who are into westerns, sans romance, should find much to like in Darlin’ Druid.”

Darlin’ Druid Wins Award!

PRG Reviewer's Choice Award

I’m thrilled to announce Darlin’ Druid is the 2nd place winner in the Paranormal Romance Guild’s Reviewer’s Choice category. Many thanks to everyone who voted for me!

See all award winners at:

Last Day to Enter 2 Book Giveaways

Stetson.smHey pardners, you have two chances to win FREE ebooks, but time is running out. Today is your last chance to enter the giveaway drawing on Carra Copelin’s site. Just leave a comment after my interview with Carra and you will have a chance to win a copy of my newest book, Dashing Druid in either Kindle or Nook format. Be sure to leave your email address so I can contact you if you win.

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Tomorrow is the deadline for entering my two-book giveaway on Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews. If you win this drawing, I’ll send you a free copy of both of my Texas Druids books, again for either Kindle or Nook.                                           

Awards Voting Deadline Tomorrow

New Darlin' Druid coverFriends, tomorrow, Jan. 20th, is the last day to vote for Best Reads of 2011 on the Paranormal Romance Guild website. Darlin’ Druid is nominated in the Reviewer’s Choice category. I’m up against very tough competition. Your vote could make the difference!

Click the following link to view all categories and find out how to vote. By the way, PRG has clarified the voting instructions. Better late than never!