This is the cutest video ever! You’ll laugh, ooh and ah, I promise. Sorry I couldn’t get the photo to open here. Just click the link to view.

Wishing all my U.S. friends a beautiful Memorial Day! Don’t forget to put out your flags to honor our brave soldiers, past and present.



Ask an Author, Win a Book!

Hi everyone. For the next four days – through May 31 – I’ll be answering questions at Romance Readers Reading Challenges on the goodreads site. Everyone who drops by and posts a question will be entered in a drawing. The prizes are one electronic copy of each of my two Kindle books: Darlin’ Druid and Six Cats In My Kitchen. The drawing will take place on June 1, and I will then send out the prizes from Amazon via email. (The winners will be notified and asked to supply their email address.)

Participants  must have a goodreads account (it’s free and easy to open one) and will need to join the Romance Readers Reading Challenges group, at least temporarily. Here are the links:




Happy reading, enjoy the weekend!   Lyn

Writing Contest at Writers in the Storm

My friends over at Writers in the Storm (WITS) are running a contest called “Going to the Chapel.” It started a while back, but they are still taking entries. Here are the details:

Going to the Chapel Contest


It’s Wedding Season!

To celebrate, Writers in the Storm bloggers are having a contest!

Simply choose one of the ‘processional’ lines below, and finish the story. The Grand Prize is a critique of your work in progress by at least three WITS bloggers!

1. Shaking in my glittery platform sandals, I tottered down the aisle of the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, smiling at the hunk who waited at the altar. What was his name?

2. Jesse shoved her wedding veil from her ear and answered the ringing phone. ”Don’t marry him!” her finance’s brother yelled.

3. A disinterested Minerva watched as the alien wedding droned on and on and on. Her interest refocused when the bride unsheathed her talons and swiped across the groom’s throat.

4. After a morning fighting hand-to-hand against the Zombie Militia, Maxine’s head was just not in the wedding game.


§ For both published and unpublished writers.

§ Using one of the four processional lines, write the opening scene to a wedding.

§ Maximum 250 words, including the chosen opener. Use computer word count. Entries including more than 250 words total will be disqualified.

§ Any genre permitted except Erotica

§ Post your entries to writersinthestorm@gmail.com. In the subject line, type, “Contest Entry” and your last name.

§ Paste your entry into the body of the email. No attachments, please!

§ Include your contact info: Full name, email, phone number. The phone number is optional – only used in case of a technical glitch to contact the winner.

§ Submit as many entries as you’d like.

§ Winner will receive a one chapter critique by at least three WITS bloggers, not to exceed twenty pages.

§ Winning prize must be redeemed by November 30, 2011.


Contest opens for entries – Monday, May 16th
Contest closes for entries – Midnight, Sunday June 5.
Top 5 contest finalists announced – Monday, June 20.
Winner announced – Monday, June 27.

Good luck!

Indie eBooks Most Viewed Top 5

On May 8th my interview with Indie eBooks’ N. L. Earnshaw was posted. I checked on it a day or so later, then didn’t get back there until just now. My bad! I was involved with a big charitable fund raising project over the weekend, then got caught up in all the hubbub on the Amazon forums and barely had time to keep up with email. But that’s no excuse.

When I finally checked on my interview moments ago to see if there were any new comments – there weren’t, darn it — I noticed the Most Viewed Top 5 slide show feature. Well, I didn’t really expect my book to show up there, but I watched just to see whose books were included. Much to my surprise, Darlin’ Druid was the fourth book in the group. Oh, my goodness, I am so jazzed! I don’t know how many views DD has drawn, but being in the Top 5 is good, right? Here’s the link if you’d like to see the slide show.


Amazon Forums Update

The new Amazon forum “Meet Our Authors” is definitely for real. Several of the old self promotion threads have already been moved over there. I am waiting for an answer from Amazon to find out if the thread I host – “Books Unmolded: crossing genres, breaking cookie-cutters” – will be moved. I hope it won’t end up on the scrap heap; it offers a place where cross genre authors like me can meet and discuss their work.

It remains to be seen if readers will find their way to the new forum and actually “meet” authors. There is heated discussion on this subject, as well as anger over the change. Only time will tell how it all works out. I’m hoping for the best. As one author put it, we’re trying to make lemonade out of lemons.

Upheaval or Hoax on Amazon Forums?

What a morning I’ve had! First, I upgraded to IE 9 at my son’s suggestion. He says it offers better security, obviously a good thing. But it looks completely different. Now I’m struggling to find my way to familiar sites I use all the time. Bummer! I know I’ll get used to the changes, but it’s a time waster right now.

On top of that, I received word about a new forum on Amazon. It’s called the “Meet Our Authors Forum.” Supposedly it was set up by the Amazon team, but there is a debate going on as to whether it’s for real or if it’s a hoax. However, it appears to be real because there’s an “Official” Amazon badge attached. Here is what they said:

“First we would like to say “Welcome” to our new forum. The `Meet Our Authors’ community is designed to give authors a space to engage with one another and promote their latest and greatest works. This will also provide a great chance for customers to talk to the authors.
With the advent of the new community, we will no longer allow self-promotional posts in other communities. Starting on Saturday, May 14th, all “shameless self promotion” activity will be limited to the `Meet Our Authors’ community. Promotional threads outside of these forums will be removed.”

Strangely, the old self promotion threads are still up and running, at least the ones I’ve used in the past, and the May 14th deadline has passed. So who knows? Could this announcement be a hoax? Is it just taking Amazon time to remove the old threads? Or are they having second thoughts? Stay tuned for further developments.

Writers In The Storm

I’m now a permanent contributing blogger on Writers In The Storm. WITS is a popular writers’ site hosted by a group of very talented authors, several multi-published. I’m honored by the opportunity to be associated with them. Please visit me on WITS and explore this fascinating, informative site.