Big Al’s Books and Pals interview

Morning, y’all. I have an interview today on Big Al’s Books and Pals.

To learn a bit more about me and how I research my western historicals, please stop by. Big Al gave me some thought provoking questions.

I’d love for you to say hi.


Sixteen 5-stars for Darlin’ Druid!

Morning everyone, I have to share this with y’all. Darlin’ Druid (Texas Druids) just received its 16th five-star review on from author Judith Ann McDowell. Here are two excerpts:

“Lyn Horner is a master story teller who brings her characters to life and her passionate dreams make you want to hit the sack to have a few of your own.
. . . Well worth downloading if you are in the mood for a fun filled read, by a writer who does her homework and deserves to be on the best seller’s list Book back cover.3with Darlin’ Druid.”

Now available in print as well as Kindle. This is the back cover.>>

The photo was taken in Corpus Christie, Texas, in 2009. I was down there with my hubby for a convention. He visited the moored USS carrier Lexington while I toured the Texas State Aquarium.  What a wonderful experience!

TX Aquarium

Statue outside TX State Aquarium

Cowboy Kisses

Hey cowpokes, I’m excited about a new group blog I recently joined. It’s called Cowboy Kisses. boots

Hosted by western romance author Ginger Simpson, the group includes a great bunch of WR authors, such as Jacquie Rogers, Paty Jager, Caroline Clemmons, Ciara Gold and Sharla Rae. Each of us will be posting a blog at least once a month, mainly on western topics. We’ve also set up individual pages, which link to the main page. Here’s the link to mine.

I hope y’all will mosey on over, have a look around the other author pages, and leave a comment or two (or more.) We’d love to get your feedback about the site. What do you like about it? Is there something you’d like to see changed or added?

St. Paddy’s Day Freebie

Wearing of green Good day to ye,  me foin leprechauns. I hope ye’re wearin’ the green in honor of Saint Patrick and dear ole Ireland. We all claim a bit o’ the Irish today, do we not? I surely do, but o’ course I really do have a few dropsGreen beer of green blood in me veins, from me da’s side o’ the family.

Now, I’ve a bit of a gift for ye if ye’re interested (and ye don’t already own it.) ’Tis me wee book, White Witch. As ye may recall, this bitty piece of historical fiction is an introduction to me much, much longer trio (well, only a duo just yet) of western romances, collectively titled Texas Druids. I’m sorry to tell ye there’s no romance in White Witch.

Oh, Jessie Devlin, the darlin’ girl, is whisperin’ in me ear, tellin’ me that’s not quite true, and she’s right. Ye will find a hint o’ what’s to come in the young lady’s future. Mainly, though, this is a tale about Jessie’s family and how they managed to survive the terrible ChicGreen beerflippedago fire of 1871.

What’s that ye say, Jess? Oh, aye. She’s remindin’ me to show ye the book cover. (Don’t let on that I told ye, but she’s a bit on the pushy side.) All right, all right, stop yerWhite Witch naggin’, colleen! Here’s yer blessed book cover!

She has lovely blue eyes in the picture, does she not? David (the man in her dreams, who she’s not yet met) will think of them as bluebonnet eyes, for they bring to mind Texas bluebonnets, wild flowers that set the land aglow every spring where the lad grew up. He’s missin’ his home, ye see.

Well now, I hope ye’ll scurry on over to to snatch yer free gift. Just click on the cover image or the book title up above in blue. Either one will get ye there.Happy St.Pat's

Writing Tidbits

Several bits of news today:

1. I’m busy collecting and polishing pictures for a new book trailer for Dashing Druid. My friend Shirley, aka mountainmama will be putting it together for me, as she did for the Darlin’ Druid trailer. (See sidebar)

2. I’d like to invite you to visit the “Western Authors Please Post Here” thread on Amazon’s Meet Our Authors forum. You’ll get a bird’s eye view of what authors chat about with other authors.

3. Want to know how our American St. Paddy’s Day celebrations got started? Find out at Writers In The Storm, where I’m guest blogging today.

4. I’m joining a group blog on Ginger Simpson’s Cowboy Kisses: My author page isn’t up yet, but you might enjoy Ginger’s guest blogger, Jannine Corti Petska. She’s written a very interesting article about researching her historical western.

That’s it for today. Oh, except, please vote for Darlin’ Druid in the Walmart Get On The Shelf contest. Just click the contest badge at the top of my sidebar. That takes you directly to my voting page. Remember, you can vote once a day. Thanks to everyone!