Big Dallas Author Event

 Quick reminder: I will be signing books tomorrow , Friday evening, at the Dreamin In Dallas RWA Conference. The event is be held at the Double Tree Hotel in Richardson, Texas. That’s just a short way from Dallas, for those who aren’t familiar with the area, Find more info and directions to the hotel here:


Thrilling News: Award Nomination

BigAl's Books & Pals Award Nominee

Dashing Druid cover 300ppi half size


Dashing Druid is nominated for a Readers Choice Award on BigAl’s Books and Pals! I’m glowing with excitement! Big Al is a Top 500 Amazon Reviewer, respected for his balanced, honest reviews. He reviewed Darlin’ Druid, giving it four stars. He liked Dashing Druid even better and gave it five stars. Below is a link to the Spotlight on Mystery, Romance and Short Story Collection categories. There, you can read blurbs about each nominated entry and link to the book review. Over on the right sidebar you’ll also find links to other categories.

If you’d like to cast a vote for Dashing Druid or any other entry, follow the link below, but please note Internet Explorer won’t work for voting and entering the $50 Amazon Gift Card giveaway. You’ll need to use a different browser. One reader said Safari works well, but I’m sure others will also work.


I’ve Got Those Everlovin’ Computer Blues!

My dear old computer died over night last Sunday. Shock and panic set in when I tried to wake it on Monday and it didn’t respond. Most of my files were backed up, but I’m two chapters away from finishing Dearest Druid, book three in the Texas Druids trilogy. How was I to complete it?

I immediately called Dan, my computer whiz son, hoping he could somehow resurrect the dead lump of technology in my lap. Unfortunately, when his dad and I got together with him Monday evening, he was unable to work a miracle. He did manage to grab all my files from the computer hard drive using a little gizmo called a hard drive downloader or something like that.

Since Dr. Dan advised against repairing the laptop (merely diagnosing the problem would cost a bundle) we went shopping for a new one. There were so many choices. Did I want a big, fancy machine with all kinds of features I don’t need? Definitely not. Did I want a super light little thing with less hard drive memory than my old computer? It was very pretty, but no. What I did want was a backlit keyboard and good size, easy to use keys.

After much hemming and hawing, I finally purchased a relatively inexpensive laptop with plenty of memory and a keyboard arrangement similar to my old one. Making a quick stop at Baskin Robbins to fuel up with creamy carbs, we headed back to Dan’s place, where he worked until midnight configuring my new baby. All I needed to do was get used to Windows 8. Right. Easier said than done!

It’s now three days later. Dan’s has fixed several problems using a program called Team Viewer to take long distance control of my computer. What a valuable tool! Meanwhile, I’m still struggling to find my way around the new Windows platform.

The upshot of all this is a delay in finishing Dearest Druid. I still have thoseCover for CreateSpace 2 last two chapters and a short epilogue to write, and I’m not quite done with the cover art. On top of that, I’m preparing to attend the Dreamin’ in Dallas RWA conference on March 29-30. This includes a big group book signing on Friday evening, the 29th.  Since it’s a first for me, I’m busy designing and ordering promo materials and rushing to get my novella, White Witch in print. Up until now, this prequel to Texas Druids has only been available for Kindle.

Therefore, with regret, I am forced to delay the release of Dearest Druid, but only by a couple weeks, I hope. Instead of mid-April, I’m now aiming for the end of April. I will announce the exact date here as soon as possible. I hope y’all will be patient with me.

Happy Saint Paddy’s Day!

St. Patrick

Dub.C. by night

Dublin Castle by Night

Dub.C. Bedford Tower

Dublin Castle Bedford Tower

Dub.C. Devil table

Dublin Castle Devil’s Table

Dub.C. chapel_royal

Dublin Castle Royal Chapel

Dublin panorama

Dublin Panorama

Cashel street

Colorful Buildings in Cashel, Ireland


County Kerry Farms

Killarney Nat. Park

Killarney National Park

Plunkett Street, Killarney

Plunkett Street, Killarney


Ring of Kerry


Ring of Kerry Mountain Stream

Muckross House

Muckross House, Killarney

Muckross main hallway

Muckross House Main Hall

Kilrush Marina & Shannon Est.

Kilrush Marina and Shannon Estuary

St. Patrick's Cabbage

Saint Patrick’s Cabbage

Blogging about Characters, Plot & Research

Dearest Druid cover 1

Hey everyone, I’m blogging on Cowboy Kisses today:  The title of my article is “How Characters Guide Research and Plot.” If you’d like to find out how Choctaw Jack, the hero of my new book, Dearest Druid, influenced how the story developed, this is your chance. I hope you’ll stop by and say hi!


Dearest Druid will be available on Amazon in mid April. Here’s the artwork for the cover. Haven’t yet added the title and author name.