War and destruction are nothing new, right? But spirits of the dead fighting beside mankind?

In Capturing Gabriel the hero fights for justice against a Colombian drug lord. A Guardian of Danu, he guards a horrific prophesy passed down through time from one of seven Tuatha Dé Danann seers. The prophesy also contains surprising revelations.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00074]

I Lionan am a prophet of Danu, Mother of us all, and I wield the warrior’s green flame, second in power only to the white fire of our High Mage. Upon me the Great Mother has laid a fearful vision of a time long distant when the nations of this world will battle for supremacy. I am loath to record what She revealed to me, but I must.

 Unending wars and terrible weapons rivaling those of our home world will harm the land, the water and the air. Many creatures both great and small will be utterly destroyed and evil ones will annihilate much of humankind. Yet, all is not lost. At this desperate time, a descendant of mine will step forward to end the carnage.

 Aiding in this cause, our Aes Sidhe brethren will arise from their fairy mounds and fight alongside mortals to destroy evil, wielding lances of blue flame and carrying snow-white shields. Together with the few remaining followers of the Great Goddess, they will lead Earth’s children back to the light. This is the blessed word of Danu.

Although this and upcoming prophesies may seem fantastical, they are actually my attempt to extrapolate what our future may hold in store judging by what’s happening in the world today.

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