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Monday Author Meetup: Susan Horsnell, Rawhide ‘n Roses, and A Hunk to Die For!

Friends, on this first Monday of the new year, I’m happy to welcome back my friend and fellow western romance author, Susan Horsnell. Susan is here to tell y’all about an exciting project she’s heading up, in which I’m thrilled to be included. For the next several weeks I will be hosting other authors who are also participating in this short story extravaganza.

Susan Horsnell

Susan, the floor is all yours.

Hi everyone! I have been invited here to Lyn’s blog to talk about the anthology of short stories myself and 15 other Western Romance Authors are currently working on. Due for release on March 15, 2014, the book is titled:

Rawhide ’n Roses

(A Western Romance Anthology)


Each story in the anthology will be a showcase of the author’s individual writing style and will hopefully encourage the reader to purchase full length novels of the author’s they like. Every story will have a Western Romance theme but there will be everything from old west romance to time travel and contemporary. Something to suit every western reader’s taste. It will also give the reader an opportunity to discover some new authors.

I am privileged to be associated with the very best of western writers and I know readers are going to be very impressed by the high quality of this work. The anthology came about from a comment I inadvertently made on a Western Romance Writer’s forum. From this comment the idea snowballed and I found myself nominated in charge of pushing the project forward. I cannot believe I am in such esteemed company and I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with such talented authors.

Over the next 2 months, the authors will be blog hopping to promote this anthology and their own work. I hope readers will keep an eye out on blogs and social media for the cover release and official book release.

The best part? The culmination of this hard work by so many talented people – The Anthology – will be a steal at just $1.99!

Sit back, grab a coffee and enjoy the excerpt from my short story:

Petticoat Patrol

by Susan Horsnell

“Sissy, for heaven’s sake. Stop that damn wagon!” Lily screeched at the top of her voice. She crouched low over her galloping mare’s neck, reins in one hand and mane grasped in the other. As she drew alongside the wagon, which carried her sisters, she stood up in the stirrups and yelled again. “Stop that wagon now or so help me…”

Melissa, also known as Sissy, pushed her feet down hard to balance as she pulled back hard on the bay gelding’s reins. They all drew to a stop.

Lily lifted the hat from her head and swiped impatiently at the sweat on her brow. It was so hot she thought, if the damn dog was chasing the cat, they’d both be walking. “Why didn’t you stop when I called out?”

“How am I supposed to hear you with the sound of Buck’s hooves and these two tittering in my ear?” Sissy retorted.

The ‘two’ she referred to, as she flung her arm in the air, were their sixteen year old twin sisters – Amy and Emily. They had just discovered the appeal of two local boys and had been excitedly chattering.

“Why are you here, anyways? You’re supposed to be helpin’ Ma put a basket of food together. We gotta spend the night out with Pa watchin’ for rustlers and you know we get hungry.” Sissy pouted. She hated it when she thought her big sister was sent to watch over her. At eighteen years old she felt she was more than capable of doing things without being ‘chaperoned’.

“Ma sent me because she forgot a couple of things when she wrote out the list. It’s taken me all this time to catch up with you.”

“What else does she need?” Sissy enquired.

Lily pulled the list from her pocket and thrust it into her sister’s hand. “I might as well come with you now. It’s only another mile to town and I can help with the supplies.”

Sissy nodded before slapping the reins to get the big gelding moving. Lily urged her mount forward and they began walking at a leisurely pace.

They were in sight of town when a loud crack heralded something had gone terribly wrong on the wagon. Sissy brought Buck to a stop and glanced at her older sister in despair.

As Lily dismounted, the other girls jumped from the wagon. While the older two checked on the suspect wheel, Amy and Emily hovered nervously.

Lily crouched down and shook the wheel. It was looser than a whore in a cathouse. “Almost snapped clean off the axle,” she grumbled as she pushed herself to stand. “Sissy, unhitch Buck and we’ll walk the rest of the way. I’ll drop the horses at the livery and see what I can do about getting it fixed while you pick up the supplies.

Sissy did as requested and the girls began the short trek to town

cowboy gear divider

Now Sue will tease you with the burb for her full-length novel, Mail Order Marshall. Did I mention he’s a  hunk? See for yourself!

Mail Order Marshall


A young girl has inherited her parents horse ranch but she needs to marry to keep it; she reluctantly sends for a mail order husband.

A young Ranger wants his own ranch but doesn’t want marriage. When he is offered a part ownership in a ranch if he agrees to a marriage, it is a future he just can’t refuse.

Will these two come to an agreement they can live with? Will they find who is threatening the ranch and the young girl’s life?

Please Note: this book is a work of fiction and for the sake of the story I have stated that a single girl in Texas in the 1800s was unable to own property. This is however untrue, a single girl could own property but it became her husband’s once she married.

23 comments on “Monday Author Meetup: Susan Horsnell, Rawhide ‘n Roses, and A Hunk to Die For!

  1. Hi, Susan…okay, I figure out how to comment on wordpress. I figured it out on another WP blog some time ago, but couldn’t locate the FB logo to click on. That’s how I get into your blog. Now…I’ve done it..I’m sure of it.
    Great post–don’t you just feel everybody’s excitement? I hope we don’t all drive you crazy.
    Thanks bunches–Celia


  2. Hubba hubba. Can’t wait, Sue and Lyn. And the property thing was true just about anywhere in the US, nineteenth century. Boo hiss.


  3. Yee-ha, Lyn and Susan! The round-up’s begun! Great post! I’m very glad to be part of this outfit!


    • texasdruids

      Hey Chad, glad you made it over here. I’m also glad you’re part of our happy gang. Don’t be a stranger around here!


  4. Nice pre-launch enticement, Sue andn Lyn. 🙂 And yummy on the Mail-Order Marshal! Woot!


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