Lyn Horner

Wish Upon the New Years Kitty!

No guest author today. On this last Monday of 2013 I’d like to make a few wishes upon the New Years Kitty — the little angel — and ask you to share some of yours.

New Years Angel Cat


My #1 wish is for our economy to grow faster and create decent paying jobs for the millions who are out of work and struggling to provide for their families. Doesn’t seem unreasonable, do you think?

Wish #2 is for more successful, less painful cancer treatments. After watching friends suffer with the Big C this past year, and my parents in years past, I know the terrible toll cancer inflicts on patients and their families. The same goes for Parkinson’s, an insidious monster that is stealing a dear friend’s quality of life.

Wish #3 applies to myself and many others. I would love to see treatments for a host of neuromuscular diseases such as muscular dystrophy, ALS and CMT (Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease), my own personal demon.

Wish #4 has to do with family. I wish and hope for my daughter and her life partner to have the child they long to have. For my son I wish continued happiness with his children and his new love.

Wish #5 brings me to my writing. Actually this is a handful of wishes: to finish the first book in my new series; to learn how to use Facebook, twitter and other social sites more effectively; to budget my time better; and to build my book sales to a new, higher level. Oh, and to see the western romance anthology that will include my short story, The Lawman’s Lady, become wildly popular. wlEmoticon-winkingsmile.png

Okay, now tell me what you’re wishing and hoping for in 2014. And if you happen to see any happy developments in your crystal ball, please share, but keep any gloomy predictions to yourself. This is a time to celebrate and dream!

Happy New Year

22 comments on “Wish Upon the New Years Kitty!

  1. texasdruids

    Carole, glad to hear you made some dietary changes that helped you. No, CMT is not auto-immune related. It’s a genetic disorder that passed down through my dad’s family. The nerves controlling muscles in the extremities (lower legs and feet, lower arms and hands) gradually die back and the muscles atrophy. There are many different types, each caused by a different genetic defect.


  2. Lyn, you have such positiveness, it’s contagious! I wish health mostly to my loved ones, and to everyone who have to deal with illness, small or huge.

    Is CMT an auto-immune disease? If yes, I simply have to share what I learned in the last two years: I also suffer from an auto-immune disease and the best action I’ve taken was to go gluten-free, then grain-free. It made a world of change for me.


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