PRG Reviewer's Choice nominee 2013

This is my Reviewers Choice Nominee 2013 badge from the Paranormal Romance Guild. Isn’t it stunning?!

Voting is still open – until Sunday, Jan. 12th. If you haven’t voted yet, won’t you please help me out? Awards help increase book sales by “getting my name out there.”

Link to voting page:


Thanks so much!


6 comments on “PRG Nomination: Nominee Badge

  1. I hope I’ve voted. I found your book cover and clicked on it. 😉




  2. Voted lyn, I think.


    • texasdruids

      Harry, did you kit the Submit button? Your vote won’t get counted if you didn’t.

      Thanks again!


  3. texasdruids

    Well darn! It worked for me, don’t know why it gave you trouble. Please try this link instead. It will take you to the PRG home page.

    Then scroll down a short way and you’ll see in big red letter a message to Vote Here (or something like that). Thanks for helping me out, Harry. I appreciate it. Lyn


  4. Lyn the link does’ not work


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