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Wish Upon the New Years Kitty!

No guest author today. On this last Monday of 2013 I’d like to make a few wishes upon the New Years Kitty — the little angel — and ask you to share some of yours.

New Years Angel Cat


My #1 wish is for our economy to grow faster and create decent paying jobs for the millions who are out of work and struggling to provide for their families. Doesn’t seem unreasonable, do you think?

Wish #2 is for more successful, less painful cancer treatments. After watching friends suffer with the Big C this past year, and my parents in years past, I know the terrible toll cancer inflicts on patients and their families. The same goes for Parkinson’s, an insidious monster that is stealing a dear friend’s quality of life.

Wish #3 applies to myself and many others. I would love to see treatments for a host of neuromuscular diseases such as muscular dystrophy, ALS and CMT (Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease), my own personal demon.

Wish #4 has to do with family. I wish and hope for my daughter and her life partner to have the child they long to have. For my son I wish continued happiness with his children and his new love.

Wish #5 brings me to my writing. Actually this is a handful of wishes: to finish the first book in my new series; to learn how to use Facebook, twitter and other social sites more effectively; to budget my time better; and to build my book sales to a new, higher level. Oh, and to see the western romance anthology that will include my short story, The Lawman’s Lady, become wildly popular. wlEmoticon-winkingsmile.png

Okay, now tell me what you’re wishing and hoping for in 2014. And if you happen to see any happy developments in your crystal ball, please share, but keep any gloomy predictions to yourself. This is a time to celebrate and dream!

Happy New Year

22 comments on “Wish Upon the New Years Kitty!

  1. Quite simply I wish for happiness for others and for myself, and the courage to chase down that happiness wherever it might travel.


  2. Hi Lyn,
    A great set of unselfish and wonderful wishes. I would echo what you have said. Maybe adding – health and happiness to everyone.




  3. Lynn, what a beautiful set of wishes you have. May I just second those? And I wish you and everyone here to achieve your writing wishes in 2014. To add my personal ones–I hope readers continue to like my medievals and I hope to Finish my other story, which has taken a back seat this past year. And, of course, as Miss Congeniality (one of my g/daughter’s favs) would say, “World Peace.”


    • texasdruids

      Barb, you certainly can second them! World peace is the 300 lb. gorilla in the room, isn’t it. If we could achieve that, all the rest would follow. Just think how much all the effort and ability, not to mention money, that goes into waging war and building more and more terrible weapons, could accomplish. Sigh.


  4. The world would certainly be a better place if all your wishes would come true. Perhaps the new year will begin with some positive changes. Peace, joy, health and love to you.


    • texasdruids

      Indeed it would be a better world, especially if we could all live in peace. Thank you for stopping by, Sarah.


  5. I wish health and happiness to all, and I wish for a print contract. Happy New Year, Lyn!!


  6. My first wish is for all preceding wishes to come true. I’d also like to add my thanks to MTM for good news about cancer testing. (I’m imagining a little McKitten roaring for MTM.)

    My second wish is for teens suffering from debilitating anxiety to get the help they need. My daughter has good supports now but not everyone does. (As a corollary of that wish, I hope my son never needs those supports.)

    My third wish is for that break-through novel we all want so this single mom create a bit more financial security for my family.


    • texasdruids

      LOL Alison, I am imagining that roaring kitten too. We are living in an age of wondrous medical developments. Still, there are always those who suffer, praying for relief from their misery. I second your wish for teens comes true very soon. I’m glad your daughter has the help she needs and a mother who loves her.

      May we all experience the thrill of seeing our breakthrough book soar!


  7. Hi Lyn,

    What a loving, heartfelt set of wishes. Health and healing is so crucial to our lives and yet, at least for me and the busy loved ones around me, it’s usually the last thing we give our attention to until a crisis forces us to stop and notice.

    I too wish for personal writing success in the new year, to be more productive and more efficient in my authorpreneurship than ever before.

    My husband and I are undertaking another cross country move in 2014, going straight back to the state we left in 2013. I am devoting lots of wishes and positive energy to the success of that venture. We would like to (finally) put down some roots.

    Thanks so much for a heart-provoking post.


    • texasdruids

      Thank you, Christy. Health was not so much an issue when I was a young whippersnapper, but age takes its toll little by little.

      I hope your move goes smoothly and you are able to put down those roots you wish for! Let me know how it goes.


  8. wow..good wishes. I too wish for cures. I wish for understanding for those suffering silently, for warmth for those in the cold, food for those hungry, love for those loveless. I hope to see my daughters in the coming year and hug them tight again and that finances will loosen up enough to allow my hubby not to have to work so hard. That people will review all the books we sell and wisely. And of course to finish up a lot more work and hopefully find readers willing to read and review it all.


  9. Lyn, you covered most of mine. Our family have one of those vague neuromuscular diseases in the Parkinson’s family for which there is not satisfactory treatment. I also wish better care for the homeless, many of whom are mentally ill or unfit for jobs in one way or another. Others can be trained for a job and a new life if given the chance. For #4, I wish my two children would each find a life partner. It’s sad when their life plans derail and especially for the one you know wanted a husband and children. I hope she finds someone who has children and needs an eccentric loving wife. ☺ .Wishing us both better sales and more stories in 2014.


    • texasdruids

      Caroline, I second your wish for the homeless. Should have thought of them myself!

      Wishes and prayers for your children. May they both find happiness with their perfect mate. I had the same concern for my daughter before she met her love, and I mourned for my son when his marriage fell apart. Now that he has found someone who seems to “click” with him and his two children, hubby and I hope it works out long term. Only time will tell.


  10. I hope all your wishes come true.

    For my part, I just hope my book sales go back to the way they were. Month on month on month of zero sales is a bit of a bummer. Although with a new one coming out I should be doing some more marketing soon.

    As for your wishes, on the cancer front, we’re getting there. There’s a blood test just out in the States what flags up pre cancerous cells 4 years before they were previously visible. The test has already saved lives by identifying cases of lung cancer early, when it’s treatable. The folks there are now working on other ‘silent’ cancers like breast cancer, prostate cancer and ovarian cancer. The thing is, because it’s 4 years early, the treatment doesn’t have to be so aggressive and is therefore far less grim.

    As somebody who took 12 years to make McMini my heart goes out to your daughter. For what it’s worth, I have no idea what problems she may face so I apologise if I’m about to post out of turn but you moderate all your comments right? So you can delete this if you prefer.

    So, for couples where there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong, but also for women with things like polycystic ovaries, there is a brilliant thing made by a company McOther was involved with at one time called Duo Fertility. It’s a tenth of the price of IVF, has the same rate of success and I’m not sure if they do it now but there was a time when, if you didn’t get pregnant within a year, they gave you your money back. All they do is measure your temperature incredibly accurately with a sensor that you wear. They have scientists and experts who look at the data from your temperature patch work out the best days to conceive. There’s a really good thread about it here

    It doesn’t do anything than more than predict when you ovulate, but in many many cases where the sperm can actually get to the egg, but the couple isn’t conceiving, that information, accurately given, is enough. A lot of couples in that situation do IVF. This costs £500 and it was reading about their product that got me to take the temperature thing seriously. Seriously enough, after a surprise miss, to finally make McMini.




    • texasdruids

      MT, that cancer test sounds like the answer to many prayers. I hope more new tests soon come along that can diagnose other types of cancer early enough to save live.

      My daughter and her mate have undergone various procedures meant to help impregnation. So far no good news to report but I still hold onto hope for them. I will forward the link you sent to them. Thanks much for sending it!


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