Tempting Adam Excerpt

Happy Turkey Day

Today, I’d like to tempt you with a little pre-turkey day appetizer: a brief excerpt from TEMPTING ADAM (Romancing the Guardians, Book 7). Food for thought if you will.

Adam led Ellie, Lara and her companion Conn to his hut. Ducking inside, he switched on a battery-operated lantern and motioned the others in. He sat on his cot with Ellie, while Conn and Lara settled opposite them on the cot belonging to his assistant.

“Okay, talk,” he said to Lara.

She smiled at Ellie. “Let’s begin by explaining who we are for the newest member of our little group.” Clearing her throat, she said, “Adam and I are members of a secret society known as the Guardians of Danu. There are seven of us.”

Frowning, Ellie asked, “Who or what is Danu?”

“She is the Great Goddess from whom we all spring, the Creator if you prefer. We Guardians have been chosen to protect seven precious scrolls passed down through our families for countless generations. Recorded on each scroll is a sacred prophesy given eons ago by Danu to the circle of mages from whom we are descended. We are sworn to protect those prophesies, with our lives if necessary.”

Ellie cast an incredulous glance at Adam, who sat staring grimly at the dirt floor. Looking to Lara, she said, “That’s quite a fantastic tale. Forgive me if I find it rather hard to believe.”

Lara’s expression went from serious to wryly amused. “You’re forgiven. If I didn’t know it to be true, I would be skeptical myself. Maybe you will believe me if I tell you how I got this.” She fingered her scarred cheek, then related how her uncle had been killed in a car wreck about a year ago, and how she’d been injured in the same accident, explaining the scar and her limp.

“While I was recovering, the police informed me the brakes and transmission on Uncle Malcolm’s car had been tampered with, causing the wreck. I also received a message from the Hellhounds – my uncle’s name for the monsters who demanded he give them the ruling scroll, and who murdered him when he refused. They had my sister, they said, trying to force me into turning over the scroll.” Head bent, she said, “Instead, they forced me to make the most difficult decision of my life.”

She looked up when Conn, evidently her true mate, slipped his arm around her. Giving him a wobbly smile, she choked out, “Abandoning my sister, I fled to Ireland, where I met Conn. Without him, the hounds would have captured me and the ruling scroll. Since then, attempts have been made to capture the other Guardians but thank the Goddess, none succeeded.”

“And now you think they are coming after me,” Adam said.

Lara nodded. “Yes. All of the others are safe in a hidden location. Conn and I have come to take you there. Once the gathering is complete, we must devise a way to defeat the Hellhounds once and for all.”

TEMPTING ADAM will be released in early 2018. The epic series will conclude with Book 8 later in the year. Meanwhile, if you haven’t read the earlier installments, you can get the first 4 books in one bundle and save a buck or so besides. Grab Romancing the Guardians Series – Part One on Amazon and enjoy the read while you digest all that turkey and goodies!

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Guest Author Charlene Raddon

Today, I am happy to have Char-portrait-2009smer3_thumb.jpg Charlene Raddon as my guest. Char is a good friend and – drum roll please – fellow author of THE POSSE Western romance Anthology, now available for pre-order on Amazon.  US  UK  CA  AU

About the author:

Charlene Raddon is an award-winning author of historical romance novels set in the American West. Originally published by Kensington, she is now an Indie author. Her first book, Tender Touch, was a Golden Heart Finalist, and another of her works, Forever Mine, received a Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award Nomination. Recently she received a Pioneer Award from Romantic Times Book Club for her years in the business. Charlene is also a graphics book cover artist and created the cover for The Posse.

ebook Cover-Orders-4-014-Page-15


Lyn, thank you for hosting me today. Like you, I’m thrilled to have a story in The Posse, with so many great western authors. Unlike the other stories, mine is more of a coming of age story than a romance. It features Gavin McAllistaire, about to turn thirteen and torn between the world of the Shoshone where he was raised and the world of the whites where he now lives.

The Reckoning by Charlene Raddon:

Here is an excerpt:

Gavin snorted at that. “You had no right to hold her down like that and try to get under her skirts.”

“Hell, half-breed, she’s only a tart. Lots’a fellas been under her skirts.” Jason laughed as he danced around on the bank like a prize fighter.

“She told you no. I heard her.” Gavin slowly made his way out of the water onto the bank. His wet canvas trousers clung to his legs and weighted him down, but he didn’t care. If Jason wanted to go another round with him, fine with him. “A man doesn’t keep after a girl after she’s told him no, no matter who she is.”

The boy laughed. Not only was he three years older than Gavin, he also weighed more. A lot more. He threw a mock punch. Gavin didn’t blink.

“Oooh, gonna play the stoic Injun, eh?” Jason danced around him. “Fine by me. I’m looking forward to beating the crap outta you. Grab ‘em, boys.”

Before Gavin could prepare himself to fight, the other four kids jumped him. Snarling and grunting, he fought hard, kicking and trying to strike out. They had hold of his arms. Then Jason kicked his feet out from under him, and he went down, taking the other boys with him.

The next thing he knew, Jason was pounding stakes into the ground and tying his wrists and ankles to them so that he lay facedown and spread eagle on the ground. He clenched his fists, bucked and tried to kick. But couldn’t move enough to help.

“Now comes the fun part, Injun. We’re gonna see how tough you are.” Jason cut down a sapling and whipped through the air several times. Gavin flinched inside with each snap, though the lash never touched him. Otherwise, he lay still as death. They wanted him to cry, beg and wail. He would not give into them.

The first strike forced a whoosh out of him and set his skin on fire. He made no sound.

BUY LINK for THE POSSE  http://amzn.to/2m3qnHD 

Charlene Raddon is an award-winning author of historical romance novels set in the American West. Originally published by Kensington, she is now an Indie author. Her first book, Tender Touch, was a Golden Heart Finalist, and another of her works, Forever Mine, received a Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award Nomination. Recently she received a Pioneer Award from Romantic Times Book Club for her years in the business. Charlene is also a graphics book cover artist and created the cover for The Posse.

Purchase Charlene’s books here:  Amazon author page

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Aodhfin’s Prophesy

Here’s the opening of Aodhfin’s ancient prophesy, passed down the millennia to Lara, High Guardian of Danu. The book cover includes a custom designed winner’s badge of the Paranormal Romance Guild 2015 Reviewer’s Choice Awards. The badge was designed by my cover designer, Kim Killion, with PRG’s permission.

Banner for blog

The background banner is adapted from one designed by my favorite reviewer, Dianne Bylo, for my 2015 giveaway on her site, Tome Tender. I’m so lucky to have these amazing, creative ladies in my corner!

Cover Reveal: Capturing Gabriel

Finally! After months of unavoidable delay, Capturing Gabriel (Romancing the Guardians, Book Three) will be released on December 29, 2015. As with the first two books in this series, the cover was designed by Kim Killion of the Killion Group, Inc. And here it is!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00074]


Chopper pilot Josie Tseda has vowed to find Gabriel Valdez, a Guardian of Danu, and bring him to meet with the other Guardians. Locating him in the mountains of Colombia and convincing him to fly back to the U.S. with her proves a challenge. As their mutual attraction heats up, will her mission stand between them?

Waging a battle against drug traffickers in his country, Gabriel also seeks revenge upon a man he hates. He’s not looking for romance and doesn’t trust the feisty American female who invades his life. The urgent message she brings, supposedly from the High Guardian, may be a lie intended to ensnare him. Yet, he can’t help wanting her. Will he allow her to capture his heart or will the secret power he wields ultimately drive her away?


Hours or maybe only minutes later, a hand roughly shook her shoulder, waking her. Then the hand groped her breast. She gasped and her eyes flew open. Above her in the darkness loomed a man’s crouched figure. Without having to think, she drove the heel of her left hand into his solar plexus and chopped him in the throat with the edge of her right hand, moves she’d learned in the Army. She rolled out of the way as he gagged and toppled sideways.

Not giving the intruder time to recover, Josie pulled her combat knife from her boot and scrambled from the open tent. She shot to her feet, glanced around and froze. A semicircle of men surrounded the campfire, facing her. Berto stood with his back turned, talking to a tall man with lean features, dressed in camouflage pants and shirt – like several of the others – and a floppy-brimmed camo hat.

Berto pivoted toward her. Surprise widened his eyes when he spotted the deadly knife in her hand. “Señorita!”

“Who are these men, Berto?” she demanded. Her gaze traveled over the motley bunch, returning to the tall man. He stood out from the rest, not only in height but with an indefinable air of authority. He was also handsome as sin.

“Señorita, I –” her guide began.

A growl of rage behind Josie alerted her. She whirled just as the man she’d temporarily put out of action burst from the tent and launched himself at her. She had no time to react. He knocked her flat, jolting her when she hit the hard ground. Landing on top of her, he knocked the wind out of her.

Somehow, she hung onto her knife. Although barely able to breathe, she jabbed the blade at the flabby underbelly of his bearded chin. The point pricked his skin, producing a thin trickle of blood that ran down his throat. He went still and watched her with fury in his black gaze.

“Get off me,” she panted, struggling for air.

He snarled between clenched teeth but didn’t move. His fetid breath made her want to gag. Then a low voice barked the same order in Spanish. The oaf on top of her shot a rebellious glance at whoever had spoken. With a hate-filled glare, he growled a refusal, twisted his head away and made a grab for her knife arm. She jerked it aside just in time.

Suddenly, another man crouched beside her. Thinking he meant to help subdue her, she whipped her blade across his chest and heard him gasp as it tore through his shirt, into his flesh. With lightning reflexes, he gripped her wrist and squeezed painfully, wrenching a sharp cry from her lips as the knife dropped from her paralyzed hand.

Staring at the man’s lean features and light, angrily slitted eyes, she recognized him as the one Berto had been speaking to when she burst from her tent. She expected him to strike back at her for wounding him but instead, he shoved the other man off her, issuing a harsh reprimand in the same low, resonant voice her attacker had refused to obey moments before. She realized he must lead this band of thieves or rebels, or whatever they were.

Monday Author Meetup: Paty Jager

This week, I’m very happy to welcome back award-winning, multi-genre author Paty Jager.

Paty Jager

About the author:
Award-winning author Paty Jager and her husband raise alfalfa hay in rural eastern Oregon. On her road to publication she wrote freelance articles for two local newspapers and enjoyed her job with the County Extension service as a 4-H Program Assistant. Raising hay and cattle, riding horses, and battling rattlesnakes, she not only writes the western lifestyle, she lives it.

All her work has Western or Native American elements in them along with hints of humor and engaging characters. Her penchant for research takes her on side trips that eventually turn into yet another story.

Paty, please tell us about your writing schedule. What’s your best time of day to write? On average, how many hour a day do you write?

My favorite time of day to write is the morning. I like to get at the story while I’m fresh. When we’re not building a house (as we have been since August) I try to write three hours in the morning and two in the afternoon. With a lunch break to check emails and the evening to work on promotion/social networking.

Writing while building a house, that’s a tall order! Do you use scented candles, music, wine, chocolate, etc., to put you in the mood to write?

I like to use certain music for each book or series I write. I’m like Pavlov’s dogs. When I hear the music I listen to for a book or series, it draws me into the book and the characters faster than just sitting in silence. I prefer music without lyrics unless it is in a language I don’t understand. For the Spirit books I listened to Native American music, for my Action Adventure books, I listen to music from the country where the story is set. Right now while writing mysteries, I listen to jazz because that is my main protagonist’s favorite music.

Are you self-published? If so, what made you choose this route?

I am what is called a hybrid author. I started with a small romance press and then went out on my own as a self-published author. I still have some work with the small press but I am predominately self-publishing. I chose this route once I felt I’d learned what I needed to know about writing, editing, and publishing a book. I would not have self-pubbed straight out of the gate. I believe being with a publisher first is invaluable to an author. It teaches you ways to look at your writing you can’t if the only critical eye is your own and a couple of critique partners. It also taught me the stages it takes to make a story a book. I answered the second part of the question like a politician, didn’t I. 😉 The main reasons I chose to self-publish was for more control over covers, release dates, and pricing.

A politician? Naw, let’s just say diplomatic. How do you develop your plots and your characters?

For each stand-alone book and each series my plots and characters are developed different. Some books or series come to me as characters first- as with Isabella Mumphrey in the action adventure series. Some come to me from something I’ve heard or seen. Perfectly Good Nanny was the product of hearing about a child ordering items online with their parents’ credit cards and the parents not knowing until the packages arrived. Others, I have an idea for plot- such as the first mystery book, Double Duplicity. It was something my brother told me about a piece of art several years ago. The information kept spinning in my head until I came up with the perfect murder to include the piece of art and then I needed a protagonist who was an artist and to keep with my tagline: ​Tales of intrigue and romance starring cowboys and Indians I made my female sleuth part Native American. MAYAN MOON 1 (200x300)

Oooh, I like that tagline! How and where do you research for your books?

Research! My favorite part of writing! If I can go the setting of my books I prefer that. When I can’t as with the action adventure books, Secrets of a Mayan Moon, set in Guatemala and Secrets of an Aztec Temple, set in Mexico City, I had to rely on others who had visited the areas, people who lived in the areas (I made friends with a Guatemalan Blogger) and using YouTube videos. For historical books I like to read the newspapers of the areas at the time of my books, visit museums, historical societies, and books.

I love research too!For A Sisters Love FINAL Have you ever written a book together with another author?

Yes, I have written a book with another author. Lauri Robinson contacted me several years ago and asked if I’d be interested in writing a sister book with her. She pitched her idea and we met online in chats several times to nail down our “sisters” their backgrounds, and how they were separated as children. The book then told each sister’s story as a grown up trying to find the other sister. They both found love interests in their adventures and we had a great time writing, For a Sister’s Love.


Lucky you, working with another talented author! How do you unwind and relax when not writing?

Unwind? What is that? We have 280 acres with 60 in alfalfa. Now that we no longer have cattle to tend to, I do have more free time. When I’m not writing, cleaning house, building a house, or helping my hubby with outside chores, I like to ride my horse and go for walks on our hills.

Those sound like lovely ways to relax. What aspect of writing makes you happiest? What frustrates you most about writing?

The aspect of writing that makes me the happiest is the first draft. When I can sit down and let the story pour forth without worrying about punctuation, good grammar, and if the names are too closely related. What frustrates me is having to do so much promotion to get readers to see my books and perhaps pick one up to check out.

I so agree, promotion is draining on both time and energy. What project(s) are you working on now?

I have the first book of my Shandra Higheagle mystery series, Double Duplicity released. The second book, Tarnished Remains will be available February 10th. The third book is being written now and will be out in March. After that I have a third book in my Halsey Homecoming, historical western romance trilogy to get written and published. In 2015 I have a huge list of books to get written and out to readers.

Now let’s take a look at Paty’s newest release:

Double Duplicity

Double Duplicity

Book Blurb:

On the eve of the biggest art event at Huckleberry Mountain Resort, potter Shandra Higheagle finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation. She’s ruled out as a suspect, but now it’s up to her to prove the friend she witnessed fleeing the scene was just as innocent. With help from her recently deceased Nez Perce grandmother, Shandra becomes more confused than ever but just as determined to discover the truth.

Detective Ryan Greer prides himself on solving crimes and refuses to ignore a single clue, including Shandra Higheagle’s visions. While Shandra is hesitant to trust her dreams, Ryan believes in them and believes in her.

Can the pair uncover enough clues for Ryan to make an arrest before one of them becomes the next victim?


“I’m sorry this is bad timing for you, but you’re the only witness I have so far. I need your statement before I escort the body to the coroner.” He leaned against the door jamb.

“Paula called when I was about twenty minutes from here.”

“What time was that?”

“About one-thirty or one-forty. I’m not sure. I didn’t really pay much attention.” She hadn’t even looked at the time when she answered the call; she just knew the road well enough to know how long it would take.

“Where were you coming from?” His head remained bent as he scribbled in his notebook.

“My grandmother’s funeral in Nespelem, Washington.”

His face tipped up, and his eyes softened. “I’m sorry for your loss.”

“Thank you.” She stared into his dark eyes. He’d suffered a similar loss. It was in the look and the softening of his expression.

He dropped his gaze to the notepad in his hand. “So you arrived here at two or a little after?”

She shrugged. “I guess so. I didn’t look at the time, just parked, crossed the street, and walked in the door. I thought it odd Paula didn’t meet me since she had requested my visit. I called out, didn’t hear anything, and worked my way through the gallery back here to the office. I saw the light on and called out again.” She squeezed her eyes shut to push the sight of Paula from her mind. “She didn’t answer, so I pushed the door open, and saw her.”

“Did you enter the room?”

Shandra thought back. “No. I backed out and pulled my phone out of my purse to call nine-one-one. I punched in the nine and heard the sirens. This town rarely has anything happen that warrants a siren. I figured someone already called this in and headed to the front of the gallery. That’s when Roscoe P. Coltrane jumped through the doorway with his gun pointed at me and handcuffed me without getting my side of the story.”

“So you’re a Dukes of Hazard fan.” Detective Greer smiled at her. “I’m thinking it was his first call of this nature since putting on the suit. Don’t hold his overachieving attitude against him.” The levity of the moment passed when he glanced up and speared her with a dark brown gaze. “Did you see anyone else in the vicinity when you arrived?”

A flash of Naomi crossing the street caused her to drop her gaze. She couldn’t implicate her friend without questioning her first. “I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.”

Detective Greer took a step closer to her. She’d have to tilt her head back to look him in the eye. She preferred to stare at the black snaps of his western cut shirt.

“I asked if you saw anyone in the vicinity. Who did you see on this block or the next?”

His calm tone and deep voice, only made her feel worse about withholding information.

“There were some tourists, I guess, on the sidewalks. Anyway, they weren’t people I know.”

He placed a finger under her chin, raising her face to look up at him. “I don’t know who you’re covering for, but I’ll find out.”

Looking into his confident dark eyes, she didn’t doubt he would, but she’d talk with Naomi before he figured it out.

Purchase Links:

Windtree Press http://windtreepress.com/portfolio/double-duplicity/

Amazon http://authl.it/2ng

Kobo http://store.kobobooks.com/search?Query=Double+Duplicity

Nook http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/double-duplicity-paty-jager/1120790322

Apple https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id942249867


You can learn more about Paty at her blog: Writing into the Sunset, her website: http://www.patyjager.net or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/paty.jager, Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/1005334.Paty_Jager and twitter: @patyjag.

Monday Author Meetup: Lola Grace Stevens

This week I’m happy to welcome western historical romance author Lola Grace Stevens.

Lola Grace Stevens

About the author: Lola Grace has been reading books since three years old. Her love of reading gave her great imagination and she would often write short stories and poems, some of which are published under her real name. Now she is writing about romance in the old west.

Lola Grace lives in Southern California, she is married and the mother of three children. In her spare time she enjoys reading and rock climbing. Family is everything to her, and she incorporates that into every story she writes. She currently writes the Family of Fire series, as well as the Men of Turtlecreek series.

Today the spotlight is on Lola Grace’s western historical romance:

The Redemption-Bren’s Story

The Redemption


Brendan Moore has survived the darkness of hell more than once, and just wants to live the rest of his life with his daughter in peace. When a lovely young widow arrives at his hotel Bren is immediately drawn to her, and his ordered life is suddenly thrown into chaos.

Laura Murphy has brought her two young sons across the country to Viking, Montana with one purpose-to help Shaina Moore reunite with her family. Falling into the arms of the handsome hotel owner was not in her plans, nor did she expect to find herself engaged within two days of her arrival.

Before the two even have a chance to truly know each other Bren must leave to find one of his brothers. While searching for him the past comes back to haunt Bren. Can he escape the darkness of his past? Will Laura have the man she married back? Or will it all end with the sound of a gunshot?


“Excuse me?” Laura said. She smiled weakly when he spun around. “I’m sorry to bother you, but… do you need any help?”

“Help with what?” Bren asked. He couldn’t help wondering if she thought he was crazy. It wouldn’t be the first time someone had thought it about him.

“The dishes. I noticed nobody’s helping you. My boys are sleeping so I thought I maybe I could give you a hand,” Laura said. She couldn’t help frowning at him. Why would he wonder why he needed help? There were far more dishes than one person could wash in a single night.

“Oh, the dishes,” Bren said as he rubbed the back of his neck nervously. “I’m sorry. I was just thinking about something else when you came in.”

“It’s quite all right,” Laura said as she walked over to the sink and pushed up the long sleeves on her dress.

Bren watched her curiously for a moment before joining her at the sink. “Why did you come to Viking?”

“That’s a bit of a personal question,” she told him as she raised an eyebrow at him.

“I’ll tell you what. If you answer mine I’ll answer yours,” Bren said with a teasing grin.

Laura couldn’t stop the laugh that escaped her lips. “All right. I came to see a very old friend, and I… want to start over,” she said simply.

“That’s a good reason. I know what it’s like to need to start over,” he said quietly. “All right, now it’s your turn.”

She thought for a moment before looking at him. “Do you have a wife?” She thought it was strange that he had no one to help him in the kitchens.

“No. My daughter’s mother died a long time ago,” Bren said as he rinsed the dishes and dried them. “I’m not looking to fill that position, just in case that’s why you came down here.” Bren regretted the words as soon as they left his lips. Even though she had been in his kitchen less than ten minutes he felt twisted around.

“I have no intention of marrying again. Definitely not to a man like yourself, so you can consider yourself safe, Mister… what is your last name?”

Bren frowned suddenly. What kind of woman didn’t want to marry? And what was wrong with him? It’s not like she had seen his scars. “Why don’t you want to marry?” he asked shortly. His pride felt stung that she didn’t think he was worthy of her consideration.

“I don’t think that’s any of your business,” Laura snapped. She didn’t know the hotel owner well enough to tell him any intimate details. “And what is your last name? I can’t call you Bren! It wouldn’t be proper.”

Bren grabbed her around the waist a little roughly. He spun her around to face him and shook his head. “Who cares about propriety?”

Laura gasped when she felt his hands on her. Her heart was beating so fast she thought it would jump out of her chest. She could hear the danger in his voice, but for some reason she wasn’t afraid of him. “I’m not afraid of you,” she whispered.

His eyes widened a bit. Only one other woman had said that to him. “You should be,” he told her harshly.

She saw the hardness in his eyes and shook her head. It was amazing that she wasn’t afraid when their bodies were pressed against each other. “Why? I see nothing to be afraid of. Now let me go and tell me your last name,” she demanded.

Bren slid one hand through her hair and shook his head. “I’m not letting you go yet.”  He knew he should let her go, but there was something about her that just called to him. “It’s Moore.”

“What?” She had to have misheard him.

“My name is Brendan Moore,” he murmured before kissing her hungrily.

Purchase Links:

Amazon: http://amzn.to/14ld5d2

Nook: http://bit.ly/14Jgq6M 

Kobo: http://bit.ly/1FIggwW 

iBooks: http://bit.ly/14KAQvE 

Social Links:

Home Page: http://www.lolagracestevens.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Author-Lola-Grace-Stevens/246676332185591

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LolaGraceSteven

Monday Author Meetup: Linda Hubalek

I’m happy to welcome western historical romance author Linda Hubalek to my little corner of the blogospere.  Today I’m featuring Linda’s  Brides with Grit trilogy, Don’t you love that series title? For me it personifies our strong pioneer foremothers perfectly.

linda hubalek

About the author: Linda Hubalek grew up on the Kansas prairie, always wanting to be a farmer like her parents and ancestors. After earning a college degree in Agriculture, marriage took Linda away from Kansas as her husband worked in engineering jobs in several states.

Meanwhile, Linda wrote about pioneer women that homesteaded in Kansas between 1854 to the early 1900’s, especially her Swedish immigrant ancestors.

Her historical fiction and western romance book series are: Butter in the Well, Trail of Thread, Planting Dreams, the Kansas Quilter and the Brides with Grit.

Linda and her husband finally returned back to Kansas, where they raised American buffalo (bison) for a dozen years.

Linda will begin by describing her favorite place to write.

I have a home office in my house, with a desk, book shelves, and credenza. I use a big monitor and curved keyboard to write, so I’m always at my desk. I have many antique dishes that my ancestors used displayed on shelves to give the feel of the 1800’s time period to my writing space. I have a nice rural view out my window with pink rose bushes and bird feeders right outside my window.

Sounds lovely!Can you write amid noisy distractions or do you need absolute quiet?

Nope, it’s got to be total quiet. I can’t “think” in the 1800’s with modern distractions.

I completely agree. How do you develop your plots and your characters?

I have a spiral notebook where I write down ideas on pen and paper, then type my thought into the computer so I can move the plots around, eventually forming an outline, and then expanding it into individual scenes.

My best ideas come on quiet country walks, or right when I wake up in the mornings.

Do you consider yourself a Plotter or a Pantser?

I start out with an outline, and, then make a new list of things I wanted to include, and find a place to work them in the story—and then do this about seven times before the book is finally ready for the editor.

Are your books professionally edited?

Absolutely, but even then readers will write to me, finding words that should have been found and corrected. But I appreciate them taking the time to do it, because I can correct the ebook or print book easy enough these days.

If you don’t mind telling us, which of your books has been most favorably reviewed? Why do you think it’s a favorite among readers?

Trail of Thread. Right now it’s at 132 Amazon reviews with a 4.5 star rating.

I think it has done well because of the work I put into it, and the fact that people are fascinated with pioneer woman’s wagon trail stories.

To research my Trail of Thread book series, I drove to Kentucky, and Ohio, and back to Kansas to follow the trails that my ancestors would have traveled in 1854-55. I needed to see what they left behind, and then what they encountered along their journey. I saw the rivers they had to cross, what towns were in existence then, and how the scenery changed from day to day. I stood on a hilltop next to the original log cabin in Kentucky that my Pieratt ancestors left, and stood in the private graveyard of my Kennedy ancestors in Ohio, and ended my trip at the land they homesteaded next to each other in Kansas.

Fascinating! You obviously love researching. What was one of the most surprising things you learned while writing your books?

Several of my historical fiction book series are based on real people and places. So the connections of family and time, and realizing my ancestors lived through the 1800’s has made me fascinated with the homesteading era. The connection of standing on a piece of land that my ancestors homesteaded in the middle of the open prairie and seeing the same view as they did…me walking up the steps in the house that their feet touched…just electrifies me.

Gives me goose bumps just thinking about it. What project are you working on now?

Currently I’m working on the Brides with Grit series. I’ve outlined eight books of the series and writing them pretty much in sequence, but I’ll think of scenes for other books and write them down too.

This is a clean historical western romance set in 1873 around the famous cowtown of Ellsworth, Kansas. It’s based on real-life type situations, and strong women that want a decent husband, home and community life


***Linda just told me book 2, Millie Marries a Marshall will be out this week!


I’ve used catchy titles so people realize it goes with the series. First book, Rania Ropes a Rancher, is available now. Millie Marries a Marshal will be out in late November and Hilda Hogties a Horseman in December.

Catchy titles indeed! I also like the book covers. They convey an old time feeling and tie together very well. Don’tyou agree,readers?


brides with grit trio 1-2-3


Rania Ropes a Rancher

A Historical Western Romance

Book Blurb:

Ellsworth, Kansas,1873- Rania Hamner spent her life herding cattle up the Chisholm Trail with her family. Something on the trail caused her to doubt her worth, and her ability to trust a man enough to become his wife. Once the family buys a homestead in Kansas, she meets rancher Jacob Wilerson, who begins to make Rania believe she can trust and fall in love after all.

When Rania’s past attacks with new danger, she decides to fight for all she’s worth because she realizes she wants to be with Jacob forever.

When Jacob realizes Rania is in danger, he rushes to save her, whether or not she still loves him, hoping to rope Rania—his heart—once more, as she has roped his.


Before Jacob could run down the twenty feet to the little boy, the horsewoman trailing the herd, snapped a lasso through the air which landed around the six-foot spread of the bull’s horns. She yanked the rope back hard with her right, gloved hand at the same time her horse jumped backwards, snapping the animal’s head back from its disastrous route. Both bull and boy were bawling at once, but the horse and rider just pulled the animal back onto the route of the herd, like it was an everyday occurrence. The woman was attuned to the livestock, but she also saw the child in danger in an instant, and took care of both.

Now that’s the kind of wife he needed, someone who could ride, rope, handle livestock and children—a woman with grit.


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