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Book Blurb:

What’s a handsome Colombian psychic with super-hero-power to do with a spirited Navajo beauty who invades his territory? Why, kidnap her of course.

Chopper pilot Josie Tseda served in Afghanistan. She can take care of herself. But when she vows to find Gabriel Valdez, a Guardian of Danu, and deliver him to a gathering of Guardians, she’s in for a rough ride. She didn’t count on ending up his prisoner – or on falling for him.

Battling vicious drug lords and seeking revenge for his mother’s murder, Gabriel doesn’t trust the feisty American female who wants to fly him off to the U.S. Yet, he can’t help wanting her. Will he allow her to capture his heart or will the secret power he wields ultimately drive her away?

Book Excerpt:

His lips crooked into a half-smile. “Now you step down, Señorita Tseda.”

Josie frowned. “I can’t. My hands and feet are numb from being tied so tight.”

He glowered at Javier, who sat silently observing, and reprimanded him for binding her too tightly. The other man lowered his head and muttered a reply.

Valdez turned his attention back to Josie. “Javier should have been careful not to cut off your circulation. Perhaps if you had not fought so hard –”

“Hey! You’d fight too, if somebody tried to hogtie you.”

Arching black eyebrows, he said, “I do not know this hogtie and I think I do not wish to know. Come down now. I will help you.” He grasped her by the waist and lifted her off the mule, trying to be gentle, she could tell, but even so she uttered a strangled cry and collapsed against him. Her feet and hands tingled painfully with the returning flow of blood, but what really hurt was the raw flesh along her inner thighs and private places. Pride was the only thing that prevented her from whimpering like a child.

Valdez scooped her up, drawing a surprised gasp from her lips. He issued an order to his men and they dismounted while he carried her to a spot at the side of the trail. Pausing, he called to Berto and added a few curt words. A moment later the young man trotted over with a folded blanket and laid it on the ground where his boss indicated.

Josie didn’t know exactly when her arms had circled Valdez’s neck, but she was very aware of his male scent and the hard wall of his chest against her side. When he lowered her onto the blanket, she experienced a sense of loss as he separated from her.

Crazy woman! He’s an arrogant bully who kidnapped you. You can’t let yourself feel anything but anger toward him.

He stood and walked to his horse, returning shortly with a canteen. Uncapping it, he bent and handed it to her. She nodded, disturbed by her unwanted reaction to him and unable to speak. Leaving her to rest and drink her fill, he sauntered over to the other men, several of whom had taken the opportunity to sprawl in the shade.

Covertly watching him from beneath the screen of her lashes, Josie couldn’t help admiring his tall, sinewy build and fluid grace. He sat near Javier and Berto, leaning against the trunk of a convenient palm tree with his long legs crossed at the ankles. Removing his hat, he raked a hand through his rumpled black hair and replaced the hat. . . .

Valdez only allowed them a few minutes’ rest. As the men mounted up, he strode over to where she sat. Wondering how she was going to survive the rest of the day in the saddle, she struggled to her feet and bent stiffly to retrieve the blanket.

“Let me have that,” Valdez said, taking the blanket from her. “Come, I will make you as comfortable as possible.” He held out his hand and waited for her to take it. When she hesitantly placed her much smaller hand in his, he didn’t lead her to the mule, her beast of torture. Instead, he steered her toward his sleek bay gelding, which looked to be at least sixteen hands high.

“Wait, I can’t ride him,” Josie said, hanging back, trying to tug her hand free. “He’s too tall.”

Chuckling, he refused to let go. “Do not worry, señorita, I will not let you fall off Cezar’s back.”

“What? Are you saying I’m to ride with you?” She shook her head in disbelief.

“That is precisely what I am saying. It will be far more comfortable for you than bumping along on that wretched creature.” He tilted his head toward the mule. “Do you not think so?”

“No! I don’t think any such thing. I’m not riding with you.” She tossed her head indignantly and stuck out her hand. “Give me the blanket. I’ll pad my saddle with it and I’ll be fine.”

A muscle ticked along his square jaw. “You are stubborn and full of pride, but you will not win this battle, chiquita.”

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I’m excited to tell you DECODING MICHAELA is now on NetGalley. If you would like to read and review this second book in my Romancing the Guardians series, you can get it FREE here: Decoding Michaela

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4th of July Surprise


Woohoo! I woke up to discover Rescuing Lara is now on NetGalley. I’m thrilled it was accepted for this BIG reading and reviewing site.

Fantastic 5-Star Review

Touching Charlotte has received a glowing 5-star review from Dianne Bylo on her site, Tome Tender. I am so honored by her continued support of my Romancing the Guardians paranormal/romantic suspense series.

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You can read Dianne’s entire review on Tome Tender:

Meanwhile, here are a few snippets:

“Charlotte is an empath, for her, a single touch from another can send her reeling into an abyss of pain as she feels what others feel.”

“Tristan … too bad his very innocent touch sent her reeling and her explanation was completely unbelievable. Charlotte carries another secret, an oath to protect one of seven ancient scrolls has been part of her heritage for centuries, and now evil is coming for them and will stop at nothing to achieve their goal of wealth and power.”

“Ms. Horner takes us gently into her story by introducing the relationship between a sweet and damaged young girl with her kind-hearted companion and protector. As she fills out her world with more detail, her characters come to life and their true multi-faceted personalities are born! A fabulous read when blood and gore are not necessary in over-abundance and the romance is sweet, instead of raw and animalistic.”

Thank you, Dianne!

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Aodhfin’s Prophesy

Here’s the opening of Aodhfin’s ancient prophesy, passed down the millennia to Lara, High Guardian of Danu. The book cover includes a custom designed winner’s badge of the Paranormal Romance Guild 2015 Reviewer’s Choice Awards. The badge was designed by my cover designer, Kim Killion, with PRG’s permission.

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The background banner is adapted from one designed by my favorite reviewer, Dianne Bylo, for my 2015 giveaway on her site, Tome Tender. I’m so lucky to have these amazing, creative ladies in my corner!

Award Nomination: Rescuing Lara

I’m excited to tell you RESCUING LARA is nominated for a Reviewer’s Choice Award by the Paranormal Romance Guild. It’s in the “Paranormal Erotic / Romance Suspense Thriller Novel” category. What a mouthful!
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Fresh New Book Covers

Hi everyone. My apologies for being absent for so long. I’ve had my nose to the grindstone (computer) writing the next installment in my Romancing the Guardians series. It will be released in early June. I’m thrilled with the cover!

Meanwhile, I’d like to share the brand new covers for my Texas Devlins western historical series. Designed by Charlene Raddon of Cover Ops ( they capture the spirit of the books beautifully. I hope you like them as much as I do!

NOTE: The White Witch cover has been out for a while, but it’s part of the set — a prequel novella you might like. It sets the stage for the series.

Revised Cover for Amazon

WHITE WITCH, Texas Devlins, Book One

2015 Cover

DARLIN’ IRISH, Texas Devlins, Book Two

2015 Cover from Charlene Raddon

DASHING IRISH, Texas Devlins, Book Three

2015 Cover by Charlene Raddon

DEAREST IRISH, Texas Devlins, Book Four