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The Perfect Gift

The Perfect Gift: A Texas Devlins Christmas

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It’s Christmas 1885 and everyone is gathering to celebrate at the River T ranch. The day promises a feast and fellowship for all, but surprises lay ahead.

Nora Taylor adores Vittorio Medina. He’s been her best friend all of her young life, but now she wants more than friendship from him. She’s too young, he insists while fighting his own growing feelings for her. Besides, she is the boss’s daughter. He’s just a poor cowboy of Mexican blood. They can never be together.

Although Nora refuses to accept what Vittorio says, she’s afraid he will go off and marry someone else before she is old enough to fight for his love. This Christmas threatens to bring her more pain than joy until a special gift offers hope.

2 comments on “The Perfect Gift

  1. A perfect book for Christmas reading, Lyn,


    • Thanks, Caroline. As I’m sure you know, this novella is a sequel to my Texas Devlins series, and it predicts more to come. MY HERO, the book I’m working on, will fulfill that prediction.


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