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Amazon Book Description & Graphic

My book cover designer, Kim Killion, created this graphic which I plan to use on a Facebook ad. Do you like it?

I have also redone my book description on Amazon. I’d love some feedback. Please!

Imagine a 17th Century buccaneer’s thunderstruck reaction to “modern” marvels such as streetcars and horseless carriages. Experience his shock when he sees a steamship with no sails that runs as if by magic.

Swept forward in time by divine power to 1895 Galveston, Raphael Marquez is on a quest to retrieve the sacred relic he stole and return it to its rightful place. If he fails, his soul will be doomed to the fires of hell. The death of his wife and daughter at the hands of ruthless pirates has left him bereft and vengeful.

Victorian widow Julia Reynolds and her young daughter, Livvy, accompany Julia’s wealthy father on a trip to Galveston. They stay in the opulent Tremont House, a legendary landmark. Since being lied to and cheated on by her dead husband, Julia distrusts men and is not looking for love. Yet, when a strange looking, injured fellow falls practically at her feet in the hotel lobby, she takes pity on him.

Raphael is enchanted by Livvy, who reminds him of his lost little girl. Her beautiful, kind-hearted mother also wends her way into his tattered heart. Attraction grows on both sides, but Raphael’s deception as he pursues his mission, and Julia’s unexpected connection to it, stand in the way. A rare, historic Valentine’s Day blizzard brings high drama.

Julia may hold the key to Raphael’s redemption, but can she forgive his lies?

2 comments on “Amazon Book Description & Graphic

  1. Lyn. I love this blurb for your new book, VOYAGER. Love the graphic, too. In fact, this story enchanted me. As always, your superb writing captivated me.


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