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Prophesies and Book Recommendation

Hi y’all. It’s been so long since I last posted here that you’ve probably given up on me. Sorry about that. Not to make excuses but – well okay, I am – I was struggling to finish the last Romancing the Guardians book (#8). It was a  doozy! Not long but complicated because of having to juggle all the Guardians and their mates as they build toward a final showdown with their enemies.

I got the manuscript back from my editor about a week ago and made the corrections. It’s now uploaded to Amazon. I’m waiting for the final cover graphics. As soon as they come through, I will finish the publishing process. Yes, I’m self-publishing this one. The previous seven books are currently published by Northern Lake Publishing.

Below you will find the book description. But first here’s a fabulous book by Trisha Hughes all you history fans will love. It’s non-fiction but reads like a thrilling family epic.

 V2V2 cover

Virgin to Victoria recounts English history from the reign of Elizabeth I through the tumultuous Stewart monarchs, the advent of the House of Hanover, and finally to Queen Victoria. Written in a lively, never boring style by Trisha Hughes, I thoroughly enjoyed this historical epic. A definite 5 stars!

Single sword horizontal


Now let me tell you about my soon-to-be-released book:


Lara Flewellen, the High Guardian of Danu, faces a lethal test. Can she defeat the vicious Hellhounds or will they force her and the other six Guardians to hand over the prophetic scrolls they and their ancestors have safeguarded since ancient times?

Balor, the Hellhound leader, and his followers have discovered the Guardians’ sanctuary in Canyon de Chelly, heart of the Navajo Nation. Trapped along with their mates and their native protector, the Guardians must run from one hiding place in the canyon to another using their supernatural powers and raw courage to survive. Fear and suffering are their constant companions.

Tearing Lara apart, Balor holds her twin sister prisoner, threatening her life. How can she save her twin and uphold her vow to guard the sacred prophecies at the same time? It seems impossible. A desperate prayer to Danu the Great Mother may bring a miracle . . . or catastrophe.

As soon as this romantic action/adventure hits the virtual shelves I will let you know. In the meantime, I suggest you read at least one or two of the other books in the series so you have a better idea of what led up to this conclusion. Listed in order, the links are universal to Amazon sites around the world.

Rescuing Lara

Decoding Michaela

Capturing Gabriel

Touching Charlotte

Profiling Nathan

Beguiling Delilah

Tempting Adam

2 comments on “Prophesies and Book Recommendation

  1. Thank you, Caroline. It’s been a long haul, but fun. I hope you enjoy the conclusion. It’s not a single romance like the others, more of an action adventure with touches of romance and definite supernatural incidents. Thanks a bunch for stopping by.


  2. I look forward to this conclusion to the series, Lyn. I know you’ve come up with as intriguing an adventure and romance as the others in the Guardian series. Congratulations on completing this series.


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