Smorgasbord Pet Health – Kennel Cough – Hygiene is just as important for dogs – as is not sharing food and water bowls.

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Smorgasbord Pet Health

One of the biggest worries about leaving a dog in kennels when we are away on business or holiday is that risk that they might contract kennel cough.

This is an airborne infection, which is highly contagious and the disease got its name because it thrives in places where dogs interact with each other closely.  A dog can however catch the infection from contact with just one dog or with its toys, bedding or body fluids.

The official name is Canine infectious tracheobronchitis but is also referred to sometimes as fungal lung.  As with humans it is a viral or bacterial infection with the added complication of mycoplasma which is a combination of both.  Usually a dog will fight off a single attack. However, when it is in the vicinity of many dogs either in a kennel environment or at a dog show it will be subjected…

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