Want to win an Amazon Kindle Fire and 17 ebooks? Enter the HotDamn! Summer Reads Giveaway, hosted by The Killion Group PR. You can even win a copy of my book RESCUING LARA! http://bit.ly/1Xsqs3c


The giveaway runs thru  June 30th but don’t wait. Enter now!

Participating Authors:

  • Jackson D’Lynne
  • Gina Danna
  • Juliette Cosway
  • Magda Alexander
  • Lyn Horner
  • Chloe Flowers
  • Sharon Hamilton
  • Susan Grant
  • Mary Karlik
  • Allie Harrison
  • Debra Jess
  • Bonnie Vanak
  • Kenzie Macallan
  • Julieann Dove
  • Suzie T. Roos
  • DB Michaels
  • Tess Rider

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