Do you love sizzling romance with a dash of danger? Is action-adventure your cup of tea? Are heroes and heroines with super powers right up your alley? Well, dear reader, you’ll find all of those and more in my Romancing the Guardians series.

If you have been meaning to read the first two books in this ongoing series, this is the time to do it. Because book three, Capturing Gabriel, will be out on December 29th — just in time to stuff your new Christmas Kindle or add to your trusty current device.

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To whet your appetite, here are blurbs for all three books.

Rescuing Lara:

Lara Spenser is running for her life. She guards a treasured relic that her ruthless enemies the “Hellhounds” want to steal. While taking refuge in Ireland, her unique sixth sense warns her the evil ones are closing in. Injured in a car wreck that killed her beloved uncle, she desperately needs a bodyguard.

Enter Connor O’Shea, ex-Special Forces soldier on leave after a tragic accident on his gas well firefighting job. Upon meeting Lara, his protective instinct compels him to defend her until she finds a permanent bodyguard. Romance soon blooms, but while he may keep Lara safe, can Conn rescue her from deep emotional wounds that hold her prisoner? Will she learn to love again and fulfill her destiny as High Guardian of apocalyptic secrets?

Review Excerpt:

“It’s so wonderful to pick up a romantic suspense-filled novel and fall in love with both main characters . . . the plot is brilliantly set up as it slides across genres and takes on its own life! . . . Picture a vibrant, multi-colored braided ribbon, each color being a subplot and you can visualize how well Ms. Horner has woven this tale together with depth and precision, while creating a masterful work of art through words.”

Dii, Amazon TOP 500 Reviewer


Decoding Michaela:

Michaela Peterson can read minds but can she tell good from evil? A Guardian of Danu sworn to protect one of seven sacred scrolls, her identity is known only to the High Guardian. Or so she thinks until a stranger brings word that her revered leader has been murdered by vicious “Hellhounds” who want the scrolls. She’s attracted to the handsome messenger, but is he who he claims to be? Or does he mean to gain her trust and steal the scroll she guards?

Dev Medina often dreams of a woman he calls his golden goddess. He believes she is real and meant for him. Expecting to deliver a warning to Dr. “Michael” Peterson from the new High Guardian, he is stunned to find the doctor is his dream girl. Fearing the Hellhounds may be coming after her, he wants to whisk her to safety, but she stubbornly resists leaving her Galveston, Texas, home. Can he convince her to trust him before tragedy strikes?

Review Excerpt:

“DECODING MICHAELA includes romance, adventure, psychic gifts, and mystery to keep readers engaged until the last word. The Guardian series by Lyn Horner is a must read.”

Caroline Clemmons, Best selling Romance Author

Capturing Gabriel:

Chopper pilot Josie Tseda has vowed to find Gabriel Valdez, a Guardian of Danu, and bring him to meet with the other Guardians. Locating him in the mountains of Colombia and convincing him to fly back to the U.S. with her proves a challenge. As their mutual attraction heats up, will her mission stand between them?

Waging a battle against drug traffickers in his country, Gabriel also seeks revenge upon a man he hates. He’s not looking for romance and doesn’t trust the feisty American female who invades his life. The urgent message she brings, supposedly from the High Guardian, may be a lie intended to ensnare him. Yet, he can’t help wanting her. Will he allow her to capture his heart or will the secret power he wields ultimately drive her away?

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