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How long has it been since I posted about what’s going on with me? Too long. Why? Because my writing life went a little crazy a couple months ago. I was invited to contribute a novella to an upcoming western romance Christmas anthology to be called Silver Belles and Stetsons. Since all of the other contributors are bestselling and/or award-winning authors, how could I refuse? I couldn’t!


As a result, I stopped work on Capturing Gabriel, Romancing the Guardians #3, and began plotting a Christmas novella. There wasn’t a moment to lose!

The problem was I’d already arranged to attend the InD’Scribe Reader and Author Conference in Palm Springs, September 17-19. Afterward, my husband and I planned to spend a week driving up the California coast and in San Francisco. I was born in the City by the Bay but had no memory of the place because my folks moved us to Minnesota when I was not quite four years old. I wanted to see my birthplace.

Luckily, I wrote a thousand-word flash fiction piece titled A Texas Devlins Christmas a while back that could be expanded into a novella. It was first posted on author Alison Bruce’s website in 2013 as part of her Holiday Shorts series. Thanks, Alison!'s cover 2015

After more than one sleepless night spent writing and rewriting, I completed my story, The Perfect Gift (sub-titled A Texas Devlins Christmas.) I turned it in to the man who is formatting the anthology a few days before flying off to Palm Springs. What a relief! I could go and enjoy myself, meeting terrific authors and eager readers. It was a blast!

Then I and two author friends, Sharla Rae and Carra Copelin, headed over to Sharla’s place in southern California to brainstorm plot ideas and enjoy catching up with one another’s goings-on. We had a ball! After a couple wonderful days with my gal pals, hubby flew out to meet me and we wended our way up to San Francisco.

That was a trip never to be forgotten! Hills and valleys, crooked roads, gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean, giant redwood trees in Muir Woods and the wonderful San Francisco Zoo. All I can say is Wow!

Coast Road  California hills

1870s Ship at fisherman's Wharf 1  China Town Gate

City Tour bus  Sleeping tiger

We returned home a week ago tonight, exhausted but happy. And I’ve been playing catch up on email, Facebook, twitter and other sites ever since. Oh yeah, and preparing for company next week. Writing has been on the back burner. Capturing Gabriel was supposed to be released in September. Obviously that didn’t happen. I now hope to finish it by late November.

Anthology FB header TRIMMED wAU

Meanwhile, Silver Belles and Stetsons will be released on November 2nd. It’s on pre-order now on Amazon. And guess what: it’s just 99 cents! That’s a savings of more than 75% if the books were purchased separately.
Now meet the authors of 10 western romance novellas featuring cowboys from the past and the women who loved them.

The Greatest Gift: A Montana Cowboy Christmas by Kathleen Ball. Amazon Bestselling and Award- Wining Author. Looking for the man who ran out on her, Ginger finds a cowboy worthy of love but he doesn’t want or need love.

Catherine’s Cowboy by Cait Braxton, Amazon Bestselling and Award-Winning Author. During a supernatural dust storm, Fate steps in when rugged army tracker Elam helps Catherine deliver her child.

Stone Mountain Christmas by Caroline Clemmons, Amazon Bestselling and Award-
Winning Author. Can Celia restore the town’s Christmas spirit? “A beautifully written
story about love and hope and all the emotions Christmas brings out in people.” Karren Lucas

Angel and the Texan from County Cork by Carra Copelin. Amazon Bestselling and Award-Winning Author. Does Angel trust marriage to the man she suspects of killing her husband or the stranger who promises to pay off her debt and set her free if she decides their marriage of convenience won’t work?

The Drifter’s Proposal by Kristin Holt, Amazon Bestselling Author.

The Perfect Gift by Lyn Horner, Award-winning author. Friendship has blossomed into young love, but it seems destined to die on the vine…until an unexpected Christmas gift promises happiness.

Marshal Mistletoe by Susan Horsnell. She married the wrong man. Will fate intervene?

Christmas Redemption by Paty Jager, Amazon Bestselling and Award-Winning Author. Can two battered hearts find solace or will the past continue to haunt their lives? “A story of forgiveness that has a wonderful hero who has worked hard to redeem himself.”

A Hard Candy Christmas by Hebby Roman, Amazon Bestselling Author. Two damaged souls. Can their budding love and the healing power of Christmas bring them together?

Christmas Cowboy by Margaret Tanner. Will a miracle Christmas baby unite two tortured souls, or will it forever keep them apart?

I hope you will stop by the anthology launch party on October 21st. Stay tuned for news and excerpts.

8 comments on “An Author’s Crazy, Fun Life

  1. Yes, was in this part of the country last September, Lyn, and there’s a lot to see and do! Liked your post and shared on my Facebook, too. Great pics!


  2. I was born in the bay area- San Jose, but we moved to Oregon when I was 2 so I call myself an Oregonian. We visited that area every summer to see my mom’s family.


    • I think we passed through San Jose or close by. I was so busy ogling the scenery that I lost track of where we were. I’d love to visit Oregon one of these days. Thanks much for dropping in!


  3. Hi Lyn,

    Loved the post about Silver Belles and Stetsons and your lovely pictures. It’s been many years since I visited California. What a beautiful state! Glad you had such a wonderful vacation. Always time to get back to writing when you return though, huh?

    Cait Braxton


  4. Hi Caroline. Indeed it is a lovely area with all the hills and mountains, and with the awesome ocean views. But I love Texas best. After living here for 30 plus years, it’s home.

    Thanks for stopping by.


  5. You had a busy September! Hero and I lived near San Francisco for a year when our eldest was young. We were in Cupertino. That is such a nice part of the country.


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