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Monday Author Meetup: Spotlight on Mia Blackwood

Please help me welcome contemporary/Regency time travel author Mia Blackwood.

Mia Blackwood

About the author: Mia Blackwood was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1969. With the exception of eight years in Tucson, Arizona, she has lived in southeast Wisconsin her entire life. She currently lives there with her husband of 21 years, her son, three cats and a dog. She has a bachelor’s degree in anthropology with a split emphasis between cultural anthropology and archaeology.

Today the spotlight is on Mia’s time travel romance Anne’s Dream.

Anne’s Dream

Annes Dream

Book Blurb:

Anne has always been a dreamer. When she stumbles upon a magic coin near a fountain in the woods one evening, she makes a heartfelt wish to find her true love.

Frustrated with the pressure from his family to marry, Thomas dreams of finding a real love before a marriage to a stranger can be arranged for him. He discovers a fountain and makes a wish for true love. Suddenly he finds himself nearly two hundred years in the future. Will he be able to adjust to his new life and find his true love before it’s too late?

Book Excerpt:

Once they sat down, they both started to speak at the same time, then both stopped and laughed softly. Thomas motioned for Anne to speak first.

“I know this will sound strange, but…did you make a wish on a fountain in the woods?” she asked, hopeful that he had and was truly her one and only. Her mother had hinted at this possibility, but she thought the duchess had only been teasing her.

Thomas nodded. “I found an old coin in the water. The water was cold, yet the coin was warm.”

“Yes,” Anne agreed readily, growing more certain by the moment that the fountain was magic, and Thomas was the man meant for her and her alone. “There was an inscription, in Latin and Gaelic…I read it and the coin grew hot, so I threw it into the fountain.”

“Precisely what happened to me,” Thomas agreed, reaching forward unconsciously to place his hand over hers.

The moment their hands touched, a soft golden glow rippled over them. They felt a warm tingling sensation, which began at their hands, traveled up their arms, and enveloped them.

Anne turned her hand under his, so they could hold hands properly. “I’m so sorry I ran away from the light that night,” she apologized softly as their fingers entwined. She knew now that she was the cause of all the unhappiness she’d endured. If only she’d been brave and stayed in the woods instead of running away, they’d have met weeks ago.

Thomas shook his head softly. “No, there is no need.” He gave her hand a soft squeeze of reassurance. “I was alarmed as well. A strange sensation washed over me, then I felt as though I were falling from a great height. When I…landed…I saw you fleeing, but could not catch my breath to call out to you.”

They were quiet for a few minutes before Anne gathered the courage to ask the question that had been burning in her mind throughout dinner. “Where…or rather, when are you from?” She kept her voice low, not wanting to be overheard by her family.

“I…” Thomas wasn’t certain if she was asking if he’d traveled through time or not. There were times he still felt it was impossible, even though he’d experienced it himself. He didn’t want her to think he was addled.

She knew how hard it must be for him to admit the truth to her. It was hard enough to ask the question. She tried a more direct approach. “Are you the same Lord Thomas Harrington from the portrait hanging in the gallery? The one who disappeared, never to be seen again?”

Thomas studied her face, looking for any hint of fear or mockery, but found none. Not that he’d truly expected to have seen either. Somehow, deep inside, he knew she’d never be anything but kind and truthful toward him. After a few moments, he answered her question, his voice thick with emotion. “Yes…yes, I am.”

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