Hubby and I will be looking at kitchen appliances again today. We learned about a place that matches or betters any price and can get whatever brand we want. We’re going to pay them a visit. Meanwhile, we’re waiting for a second estimate on the remodel job and may seek yet another. The first one was way too expensive for our bank account, too bad because I really liked the designer. She gave us some good ideas, but we need to keep the cost within our budget.


We hope to settle on a remodeler within the next week or two and get started with the demolition. Not looking forward to that at all, but no mess, no new kitchen. First of all, we must pack up all our dishes, pots and pans, groceries, etc. Daughter supplied a stack of boxes for that purpose, gleaned from her workplace.  God bless her!Garage sale

Speaking of daughter, she’s planning a garage sale and wants me to help. Fine, I don’t mind sitting there with her, and I’ll probably give her some kitchen items to sell. Weather permitting, she plans to hold the sale on March 15th – the same day Rawhide ’n Roses, the western romance anthology I’m part of, is scheduled to release. Wouldn’t you know. Guess I’ll just have to bring my laptop along so I can check in with my author pals and promote the book.

A friend gave me a good suggestion: Move our old fridge into the garage for the duration of the kitchen project. Duh! Why didn’t I think of that? Hmm, maybe because my darling husband has so much stuff crammed into the garage, yuh think? He’ll just have to get rid of some of his treasures, because we need to have cold foods available. Hubby thinks we can also set up the old microwave on our dining room table. I hope so. That would allow us nuke frozen dinners. Eating out is fun, but not every day.

Oh, I asked Hubby to snap pictures of our current kitchen. I’ll post them here next week. Y’all come back!

Lyn Horner resides in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband and a pair of very spoiled cats. Trained in the visual arts, Lyn worked as a fashion illustrator and art instructor before she took up writing. This hobby grew into a love of research and the crafting of passionate love stories based on that research. This blog is designed to spotlight Lyn's books and share the work of other creative people.

2 comments on “Thursday Tidbits: Kitchen Update

  1. texasdruids

    Rain, thanks for stopping by. We just got back from the appliance store. So many pretty things to choose from! The hard part is making a decision, but I think we know pretty well what we want. Can’t wait to get going with this project!


  2. Sounds interesting to me, Lyn. You guys seem to have figured it out and be ready for the inconvenience. I look forward to the photos 🙂


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