My husband and I are preparing to remodel our kitchen. Our appliances are showing their age, the cabinets put in by our builder are less than great (read cheap) and an updated kitchen is supposed to add more value to a house than anything else.

So far we’ve applied for a home equity loan, attended a presentation at a kitchen remodeler’s store, gotten starry-eyed over their gorgeous displays and had their designer out to our house. She looked over the layout, suggested changes we hadn’t even thought of, and shocked us with her price estimate. Who would have thought new cabinets, granite countertops, and moving an itty-bity wall would add up to so much? Since we’re far from rich, some shopping around is in order.

stoveA week or so ago we also visited a couple appliance stores. Oh my, so much shiny stainless steel! It almost blinded me. Hubby is determined to go stainless, me not so much. I can see myself constantly wiping off fingerprints. Yes, I know you can get it in a platinum finish that isn’t supposed to show prints, but that’s only on refrigerators, not on dishwashers and ranges, we were told. That information doesn’t exactly thrill me. The helpful salesman didn’t make a sale.

Anyway, we’re in the looking stage, not ready to buy. No, un-uh, can’t talk me into it. Well, unless I absolutely fall in love with one of those sparkling beauties. I’m also a sucker for a bright red or yellow sale tag. Is it a good price? I dunno, but it screams SALE!

And then there’s all the other stuff: floor tiles, plumbing fixtures, tiled backsplash (hubby’s keen on that) and new lighting so I can see what I’m doing and not cut off any fingertips. A sink big enough to wash a roasting pan in without doing contortions and splashing soapy water all over myself, the countertop and floor would also be nice. I hate the dinky double sinks we have now! Give me an old-fashioned country style sink any day.Sinks

Have I covered everything, all the choices we’ll have to make? Probably not. I foresee months of shopping, getting quotes, “discussing” how much to spend, and living without a functioning kitchen once the demolition begins. Eek! No microwave? How can I go on without one? And where will we put all the dishes, pots and pans, cereal boxes, etc., etc., etc?

Honey, we’d better start collecting storage boxes!

9 comments on “Thursday Tidbits: Kitchen remodeling, anyone?

  1. I so envy you remodeling your kitchen. Even though I know it’s probably exasperating at times, it’s going to look fabulous when you’re finished.
    I have a 1957kitchen with a pink oven. The thing still works and I don’t know if I could bring myself to part with it. It has character. It reminds me of Doris Day.
    Good luck with your updates. I hope you’ll post some before and after photos.


    • texasdruids

      Woohoo, Sarah! A pink oven? I wouldn’t want to part with it either. Doris Day did wear a lot of pink, didn’t she. Yes, I’ll ask hubby to take photos before, during and after. He loves doing that anyway. We have photos of when our house was being built. He would come over here on his lunch hour and take pictures, and it’s a good thing he did because the brick layers started putting in the front bricks all wrong from what we had picked out. They had to tear it out and redo the brick design.


  2. Lyn, you know I went through all of this when we had a hot water pipe break in my kitchen! I found the new white laminated cupboards we put to be a dream! I can clean them off with 409 and while you’d think white would show everything, they don’t. In between I swipe with a dish cloth. I have black and stainless steel but mostly black because my walls are white and there is black and white in the floor. I accent with red. The black glass fronts are easy; I use glass cleaner. Like you, it’s just the two of us at home these days so little greasy fingers are much of an issue. 🙂

    It was a huge job and I had to cook on the side burner of my grill for weeks–and we ate out a lot. 🙂


    • texasdruids

      Char, I will keep your suggestions in mind. We have a black glass oven door now and black plastic (some sort, I don’t know what) on the dishwasher front. Hubby is set on stainless, so that’s probably what we’ll choose. I’m not sure about the cabinet color yet. I had my heart set on dark cherry, the kitchen designer said white/light cabinets are really popular now. yours do sound easy to care for.

      Choices, choices and more choices, oh my! 🙂


  3. To reassure you… our stainless steel cooker hod. Yikes dabs all over it. Our amusingly named Smeg stainless steel cooker is absolutely fine, however.




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