Hi, it’s me again. Yes, my boxed set just went live on Amazon. Remember, it’s on sale for just $3.99 through New Years Day. Then the price goes up. If you’d like to grab this bargain, here’s the link:




There will be a slight delay before it’s available for Nook, due to Christmas cards. Need to get them done and in the mail, tomorrow I hope. Just depends on the weather. Right now we can’t get down our driveway because it’s coated with thick ice from the storm that passed through here a couple days ago. Fort Worth is not supposed to be like this!


How are y’all doing where you live? If you’d like to vent about your nasty weather, I’m ready to listen. If you want to gloat like certain people I know in Florida, where it’s in the 80s, well, I guess I can take it. Although I might gnash my teeth a bit. 😦

4 comments on “Texas Devlins 4 Book Bundle Now on Sale!

  1. McOther’s brother lives in North Texas and it sounds as if you guys are getting some seriously chilly stuff at the moment! It’s not too bad here, compared to last year anyway, but I’m still cold. I swear I’m a lizard. Sigh.




    • texasdruids

      Yes, MT, this is one of the worst cold spells in the 28 years we’ve lived in Texas. I imagine your brother-in-law will agree. We are iced in. I haven’t been out of the house since last Wednesday. Hubby is outside trying to shovel part of the ice off our steep driveway so we can get down it without a crash. Need to go grocery shopping and mail Christmas cards.

      We left Minnesota to escape this kind of thing but now it’s invading the south. Climate change, anyone? Brrr! Stay warm, my friend. Have a cup of hot chocolate or tea. That always helps me.


      • Hot coffee for me! My sis in-law tells me there’s five inches of ice on the road because it’s melted and hardened again. Sounds like the only way round Texas right now is on skates!


        • texasdruids

          That sounds about right. We did finally get out to the grocery store and post office. The main roads aren’t too bad but the neighborhood streets are still pretty treacherous. Coffee sounds good. I think I’ll have a cup right now, might add a little something extra to warm the blood. 🙂


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