Almost set to go! This boxed set combines all four of my Texas Devlins books. Look for it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble by Monday, Dec. 9th. It’s a steal at just $3.99 through New Years!

Texas Devlins 4 Book Bundle 2 

6 comments on “Cover Reveal: Texas Devlins Bundle

  1. Very nice cover! And, yes, it is a steal!


    • texasdruids

      Glad you like it, Lani. I’m practically giving it away for the next three weeks! Then the price will go up.


  2. That is a steal! I hope you sell tons of them! 😉




  3. texasdruids

    Thanks, Caroline. This is the time to grab it because the price will go up right after New Years Day.


  4. This is a steal, Lyn. Best wishes for continued success.


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