Last Free Day for White Witch

Today is the last FREE today for White Witch in its current KDP Select period. This novella begins in 1871, at the time of the Great Chicago Fire. The story then picks up several months later, as the city and my characters struggle to recover from the tragedy.

Review excerpts:
“White Witch is the prequel to Lyn Horner’s Darlin’ Druid; it sets the background and introduces the characters of Jessie and Tye, children of Irish immigrants . . . A short story that is extremely well written, the historically accurate events of the Chicago Fire . . . and it’s aftermath are all here from the grabbing of their few belongings to fear of their horse as they try to get to safety. I had wondered when I saw the title White Witch what the paranormal content might be, but in this it refers to uncannily accurate realistic premonitions. It is all reasonably plausible. It even considers the symptoms and effects of the then unknown Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, that people would have had no choice but to cope with in those days. . . I look forward to reading more of Lyn Horner’s Druid series.”
— Carocaro, reviewer

“I really enjoyed reading this prequel . . . I had never really heard of the Chicago Fire and to read of the suffering and loss was just tragic. This is where Jesse’s gift makes an appearance leading into Darlin’ Druid. Also Tye’s gift which leads to his story, Dashin’ Druid. These books are wonderful and I would highly recommend them to anyone.” — Bev Harro, reviewer


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