News and A Recommendation for Authors

Cowgirl happy faceHowdy ladies and gents. Sorry I’ve been among the missing. I haven’t had much to say lately. Plus, I’ve been busy preparing Darlin’ Druid for sale IN PRINT !

Yes, my baby is now available in trade paperback size on both Amazon and CreateSpace. And it’s beautiful if I do say so myself!

Within a few weeks Darlin’ D. will also be available through CS’s Expanded Distribution Channel, meaning readers will be able to order it from various retailers. Each book will be individually printed for the customer. This is called print-on-demand, in case you’re not familiar with the process.

Am I doing a happy dance? You know it! Now I need to get to work on Dashing Druid. Preparing it for print should go much quicker now that I know what I’m doing. Let’s hope!

Speaking of DashAustralia sming D, I recently had it proofread by Bev Harro, an Aussie I met on Amazon’s Meet Our Authors Forum. Even though the book had been read and edited by others, Bev still caught quite a few errors. Her rates are very reasonable and she has an eye for detail. I highly recommend her work, especially for self-published authors. You don’t want your books riddled with errors. That’s the fastest way to drive away readers.

Visit Bev’s website for more info: http://bevharrosproofreading.weebly.com/recommendations.html

One more bit of News: This coming Monday, Mar. 5th, I will be interviewed by Jacquie Rogers on her site, Romancing The West. http://romancingthewest.blogspot.com/

Then, on Thursday the 8th, I will be guest blogging for Jacquie. My topic is “Silver Queen and Silver Plume.” Curious? Smile Please stop by and give it a read. Be sure to leave a comment because I’m holding a giveaway drawing. The prize is a Kindle copy of Dashing Druid.

Lyn Horner resides in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband and a pair of very spoiled cats. Trained in the visual arts, Lyn worked as a fashion illustrator and art instructor before she took up writing. This hobby grew into a love of research and the crafting of passionate love stories based on that research. This blog is designed to spotlight Lyn's books and share the work of other creative people.

2 comments on “News and A Recommendation for Authors

  1. texasdruids

    Bev, I meant every word. Thanks, in turn, for recommending my books.


  2. Lyn, thank you so much for the plug. It was a pleasure for me to proof your book, it was certainly a terrific read. Very highly recommended to anyone looking for great books.


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