FREE Book Today Only!

Created with GIMPWhite Witch is FREE today on Amazon. This novella offers a taste of things to come in my Texas Druids series. Reviewer Bev Harro says:

“I really enjoyed reading this prequel …This is where Jessie’s gift makes an appearance leading into Darlin’ Druid. Also Tye’s gift which leads to his story, Dashing Druid. These books are wonderful and I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Come on y’all, grab it while it’s free!


3 thoughts on “FREE Book Today Only!

  1. That would be great, Harry. Thanks! Two of my books are enrolled in amazon’s KDP Select program. That allows me to offer them free for five days out of each 90-day period. As a rule, the free days lead to more paid sales after the free period ends. My memoir Six Cats In My Kitchen has done very well in this program. I’m hoping White Witch (a novella) will also take off and lead to increased sales for my Texas Druids series.


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