Sixteen 5-stars for Darlin’ Druid!

Morning everyone, I have to share this with y’all. Darlin’ Druid (Texas Druids) just received its 16th five-star review on from author Judith Ann McDowell. Here are two excerpts:

“Lyn Horner is a master story teller who brings her characters to life and her passionate dreams make you want to hit the sack to have a few of your own.
. . . Well worth downloading if you are in the mood for a fun filled read, by a writer who does her homework and deserves to be on the best seller’s list Book back cover.3with Darlin’ Druid.”

Now available in print as well as Kindle. This is the back cover.>>

The photo was taken in Corpus Christie, Texas, in 2009. I was down there with my hubby for a convention. He visited the moored USS carrier Lexington while I toured the Texas State Aquarium.  What a wonderful experience!

TX Aquarium

Statue outside TX State Aquarium


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