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Darlin’ Druid is free today only on Amazon!

Jessie Devlin, a descendent of the “Old Ones,” is clairvoyant. Prophetic dreams and visions lead her west in search of a man she’s certain she is destined to love. Captain David Taylor is a Texan exiled from home after fighting for the Union in the Civil War. Is he the man Jessie seeks, or has her special gift played her false? Will her quest lead her to happiness or into a deadly trap?

“I’ll admit I was completely thrown by the title of this book. If for some reason you are as well, “fuhgeddaboudit”! This is an engaging, page turning, can’t put it down, don’t know where the time went, read.” ―Todd Fonseca, Reviewer

“Fans of historical romance and possibly even those who are into westerns, sans romance, should find much to like in Darlin’ Druid.” ―BigAl’s Books and Pals

“A touch of the Irish in the Old West is the best description of this story. I really enjoyed the book, the ending wasn’t rushed . . . . I would definitely recommend this book to everyone. ―Laura Wallace, Paranormal Romance Guild


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