New Book Cover, Lower Price!

A new book cover for Darlin’ Druid was uploaded today! I loved the old cover, but the new one suits the story far better. If you have time, please follow the link and give it a look. And let me know what you think.

After debating the matter for weeks, I also dropped the price for DD to $.99. I can’t say I like doing this because it devalues all the time I put into researching and writing this historical epic. However, I’m following an example set by astonishingly successful Indie authors like John Locke and Amanda Hocking. If it works for them, who am I to argue with their tactics?

Want to prove I’m doing the right thing? You can easily do so by spending just $.99. You might reap some enjoyment from your investment, and you will give my shaky ego a huge boost.

Hugs to all!



2 thoughts on “New Book Cover, Lower Price!

    • Glad you like the new cover! The model’s name is Jimmy Thomas. He runs a site where romance authors can download photos of him for use on book covers. If I recall correctly he has appeared on more than 1,400 covers. He’s definitely nice to look at. 🙂


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