Not For Cat Lovers Only

Check out the new links I just added — to a short non-fiction book I posted in serialized form on my blogspot site in late 2010. This book is about six beloved cats and the important role they have played in my family. As I state in the introduction, it is NOT a cute kitty book, although I did include some humorous anecdotes. Rather, it’s a heartfelt memoir touching upon the loss of loved ones, the stress of moving cross-country with kids and pets, the difficulties of living with a disabling disease and the heartbreak and guilt a parent feels upon learning she has passed on this disability to her child.

I am planning to add photos to Six Cats and publish it on Amazon as a Kindle book. Too bad the photos won’t be in color. Amazon really needs to come out with a Kindle capable of color viewing. If you’d like to see the book cover I have in mind — in color — you can also view that on my blogspot site: . If you like it, let me know, or if you don’t, I’m open to suggestions.


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