Tech Problems


I’m not a techie! Learning my way around new sites drives me crazy, and this one is no exception. First I couldn’t figure out how to apply a theme (when I was still going the free route.) I finally gave up and paid to make this my home page, which is okay because I’d been thinking I should set one up anyway. Once I shelled out the money, my dashboard worked just fine. I previewed a bunch of themes and settled on “Blix” because I liked the style and colors. However, after publishing a few posts, I decided the font size was too small, and I could find no way to enlarge it without either purchasing Typekit or learning CSS. (I don’t know exactly what that is and have no interest in learning it.) Like I said, I’m not a techie. I’m a writer! So I went back to the themes again and after much trial and error, settled upon “Twenty Ten” because it offers a larger font — easier on the eyes.

Next, I had to redo my custom header — twice — to make it fit the new space allotment for theme and look strong graphically, as well as convey the overall purpose of this home page, namely to publicize my Texas Druids trilogy. That took more time, but that’s not all bad. I used to work in the visual arts (also went to art school for four years eons ago) and I still enjoy playing around with design and color. After much practice and teeth gnashing, I’ve become fairly proficient with the MS Paint program, and I used that to create my header.

So far so good, but them came more teeth gnashing as I slogged through the Dashboard, which for me is a bewildering jungle of choices. I’m still befuddled by most of them, but at least I got my links to show up on the sidebar. And that’s about all I can stand for tonight. Maybe tomorrow I’ll work up enough intestinal fortitude to tackle this again. No promises!

Lyn Horner resides in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband and a pair of very spoiled cats. Trained in the visual arts, Lyn worked as a fashion illustrator and art instructor before she took up writing. This hobby grew into a love of research and the crafting of passionate love stories based on that research. This blog is designed to spotlight Lyn's books and share the work of other creative people.

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