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Lyn writes in multiple genres. Her award-winning western historical romance series Texas Devlins is a family saga set in the Old West, circa 1870s. Each book centers around one of three Irish-American siblings with psychic gifts.

Texas Devlins 4 Book Bundle 2017

Jumping into the 21st century, Lyn is now writing an 8-part Paranormal Romantic Suspense series, Romancing the Guardians. She is currently working on the 7th book, due for release in early 2018.

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In 2011 Lyn also published a memoir titled Six Cats In My Kitchen.  Quoting one Amazon reviewer, this is “Not your average kitty story. Lyn Horner weaves her very personal tale telling us about her life as a total lover of cats and a wonderul wife and mother. She and husband, Ken, have raised two children, Danny and Carrie, and have had throughout their lives as high as six cats living with them at one time. Follow their story as Lyn takes you from period to period throughout their life and which kitty was occupying their time and hearts at that particular time. Blending into the mix are also their personal struggles with medical issues, care for their aging parents, employment and relocation events, and, of course, a lot of cat food and vet bills. Six cats in the kitchen are just the tip of the iceburg in this charming tale.”

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203 comments on “Meet the Author

  1. Really enjoyed Texas Devlins but do you have Nora and Vittorio as adults story yet? Thanks


    • Hi Ali. I’m so glad you enjoyed my Texas Devlins series. It will be a while before I get to write Nora and Vittorio’s adult story. I’m currently in the middle of writing the Romancing the Guardians paranormal romantic suspense series. I’m about to release book 4, Touching Charlotte, on May 26. If you would like to check out these books you can find them on my Amazon author page:


  2. Hi Lyn,
    I saw your post on Jason’s site and followed you here. It’s nice to meet you! Looking forward to reading your novels. 🙂

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    • Hi Linda. Great to meet you too! I sincerely hope you enjoy my books. If you do, please consider writing a review on the Amazon book page.

      Have a nice weekend. Lyn

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    • Beth, thank you for reviewing RESCUING LARA. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. DECODING MICHAELA, Romancing the Guardians, Book 2, is on track to release in June 2015, or sooner if all goes well.


  4. I left you a PM via Facebook, but wanted to contact you here too. Just an FYI to let you know that I plan to feature Darlin’ Irish on my blog on Friday, May 16, for Book Beginnings on Friday and The Friday 56. Feel free to stop by and respond to comments. I’ll promote the blog post on Twitter, Goiogle+, etc. Here’s the link to my blog:


    • lynhorner

      How exciting! thank you, Sandra. I’m hopping over to your blog right now.


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