I recently heard about a child whose touch made a flower bud magically open. True? I don’t know, but the story caught my ear because the hero of Tempting Adam does the same thing. What true miracles of mind over matter lie in store for the future?

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00074]

I am Subhella, a daughter of Danu, the spring of all creation. By Her will I bestow the magic of Her touch upon green, growing things. Of late She has shown me a far-off time when crops will fail beneath a sky darkened by war. The sun’s light will not return for many cycles of the moon, causing plants to die and animals and humans to starve.

However, by careful planning and husbanding of food, small communities will survive along with their domestic animals. When at last the sun returns, wise ones who stored seeds of every variety in a place safe from devastation will scatter them far and wide. Plant life will spring up and turn the planet green once again.

Among the leaders of this reborn world will be my descendants. They will teach people who lived in cities before the war how to sow and harvest. Mankind will return to an agrarian way of life, cut off from machines that once governed their existence. This is Danu’s declaration.

As Romancing the Guardians, the title of this series implies, the books are all romances, but with a unifying paranormal theme. Namely, psychic characters who guard fictional prophesies of an apocalyptic nature. Tomorrow I’ll reveal part of the series conclusion.

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