Hey Friends, want to win a FREE book? I’m giving away three Kindle copies of Tempting Adam, the newest book in my Romancing the Guardians series.

tempting Adam april banner


Adam Dvorak, a Guardian with a green thumb, works to improve lives in a drought-stricken region of Kenya. He cast aside Ellie Graham, the woman he loves, once to protect her, but can he resist her again when she turns up as a nurse in a nearby hospital? The Hellhounds may force him to make a difficult decision.

Review excerpt:

“Ms. Horner has taken us to the blistering and arid lands of Kenya where we can feel the dust that grits across sweaty skin. Both Ellie’s and Adam’s dedication to do good in the world paints a picture of two souls with so much to give yet hurting for that one special love that is missing. Feel the tension as evil comes blazing in and get lost in the world of the Guardians one more time. From the first book to now, these romantic and suspenseful tales are peppered with the paranormal, a feeling of impending doom hiding in the shadows and the faith, determination and dedication of a small group of individuals tasked with saving the world with the strength of those they love. Easily another 5-star read for me from Lyn Horner!”

Stop by Tome Tender and enter for a chance to win!


2 comments on “Giveaway Blitz

  1. I hope your giveaway went well, Lynn. Great review for what sounds like an exciting book!

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    • Thanks, D. The giveaway did very well. I gave away several copies of Tempting Adam and the 4-book box set. Hopefully, that will encourage more sales.

      Liked by 1 person

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