The Writer’s Discomfort Zone: How to Survive—and Thrive…

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by Ruth Harris on the Anne R. Allen site:

“It’s a cut-throat industry,” said English author Sean Thomas (his real name) quoted recently in the Wall Street Journal.

The international bestselling author of The Ice Twins, S.K. Tremayne aka Tom Knox, (both pen names of Mr. Thomas), was not talking about violent drug cartels or even cable companies’ billing practices.

No, he was talking about the supposedly genteel world of publishing.

Anne’s recent post about Publishing Industry Cults, Weaponized Amazon Reviews, and Organized Cyberbullying laid out details about the toxic atmosphere in which we work.

David Gaughran’s recent post, Scammers Break The Kindle Store, is hair-raising . He details how fake books are clogging Amazon bestseller lists, taking valuable slots away from honest authors.

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Living in the Discomfort Zone

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