Diana Cosby drops by Booktalk with Eileen for a chat


Diana CosbyDiana Cosby joins us today.  I’ve known this writer coming on four years.  My first blog post about Diana’s work was November 5, 2014. She’s been on Booktalk with Eileen many times.  I’m intrigued with how Diana got started writing.  I admire her charity work. I’m dazzled by her wild life photography.

I love all her series: The MacGruders, The Oath Trilogy, The Forbidden Legacy. Her stories are unique and carry the reader to times long past.  She’s very popular with me! Welcome Diana.  It’s great having you back.

Eileen, thank you so much for inviting me back on Booktalk with Eileen, and my sincere thanks for your kind words about my writing, charity work, and wildlife photography.

After a career in the Navy, as a life-long romance reader, I followed my dream to try and write a novel, and I discovered that I loved crafting…

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