The COVER THE WORDS Cover Contest entry period ends @ midnight, Sept. 4. Voting begins at 12:01 a.m. eastern time Sept 5. If you have been waiting to submit you romance book covers, the time is now!

Cover the Words 2016

You can enter any romance cover as long as the book is published and for sale now. There is no restriction on the date of publication. Your book can be brand new on the market or several years old.

Entrants do NOT have to be members of RWA. Your book(s) just need to fit one of the 4 categories:

Historical, Contemporary, Paranormal, Romantic Suspense

Here are some possible benefits:

  • Your book covers will be viewed by supporters of other entrants. It’s an opportunity to pick up readers looking for authors new to them.
  • It’s a way to build market recognition in the romance genre.
  • Voting costs nothing, so all your followers can vote for you. Just spread the word to them! Anyone with an email address can vote.
  • Winners will be announced in Romance Writer Report, a monthly magazine received by thousands of romance authors and readers.
  • Winners will also be announced in The Petal Press, the Yellow Rose Newsletter, which is shared with other RWA chapters, another chance to build brand recognition.
  • Winners receive an electronic “Winner” badge. The badge can be used on the winner’s website or on an electronic cover (if independently published or with your publisher’s permission.)  A winning cover may convince readers to try your book.
  • This is an opportunity to remind your supporters to pick up your latest book OR older titles they may have missed.

Don’t wait. Enter Now!

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