Donald Trump and the American question through Brit eyes.

You may not agree with David’s viewpoint, but he certainly offers food for thought. When he asks if it is such a sacrifice to ensure the safety of a child, I have to say NO.


Did Donald Trump suggest Hilary Clinton should be assassinated by second amendment supporters? Probably no, but it was certainly a questionable statement that he should thoroughly explain. It wouldn’t be much of a joke considering the number of assassination attempts on Presidents and Presidential candidates in the past.

Having brought up the question of the Second Amendment in a way that suggests supporters of that should be backing his run for the Presidency also suggests that all supporters of a reasonable move towards gun control should be supporting Hilary Clinton. I suggest she makes a big play of this in her run for the White House. There must in fact be  arguments for and against gun control within both parties which could find some people crossing the voting floor.

When I think about the time that the second amendment was written and the wording of it I’m easily confused. No…

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2 thoughts on “Donald Trump and the American question through Brit eyes.

  1. Thanks so much Lyn for letting me share my opinion. I’m happy to hear from all sides of the debate as I may not have all the facts which may sway my opinion. It won’t change it as far as gun control goes as I value a child’s life more than a personal freedom
    xxx Hugs xxx


    • I’m glad to pass along your post, David. I, too, feel strongly on the subject of gun control. No ordinary citizen needs to own an assault weapon, and parents need to take responsibility for guiding their children away from violence.


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