100 years ago; a day we should never forget.

Jana Petken

Swearing-Allegiacebanner2The battle of the Somme was the bloodiest battle of WWI. It began on the 1st of July 1916 with hopeful cries for victory, and stout British spirit and humour running through the trenches. What came after was a grim, naked exhibition of carnage.

In today’s world, we speak about soldiers being treated for post traumatic stress, and the amount of money governments are prepared to pay to their injured and retired veterans. Being ex military, I fully advocate the best possible care for our brave men and women, and will always support organisations like, The British legion of, which I’m a member. But there is another cause that sits deep in my heart; one that is overlooked, dismissed, and deliberately ignored by many in parliament.

Imagine being a 19 years old man, involved in the battle of the Somme; the mother of all slaughters. Think about witnessing the horrors, and seeing…

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