They will come

Eloquent thoughts.

HarsH ReaLiTy

They will come with their anger. Ready to shatter peace for existing in the way of their rage. Raging against everyone because it is impossible to rage against yourself. How they beat their chests to ensure we know their emotion exists.

There you stand.

A rock for them to break. The peace that they hate so much, that they want for themselves. They shatter themselves in an effort to shatter you. Spraying forth their anger in automatic rage. They rain down their hatred upon those standing in the sun and hope that the happy will run. Running away from the pain that falls like rain from their guns. Running away from hopeless anger.

You fall.

You fall as slowly as the awe of the moment. A bunch of moments that make a tragedy. We watch as you fall so beautifully and still we donโ€™t understand. We see where you onceโ€ฆ

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