Thursday Tidbits: Book Cover Carousel

I used to have a blog on BlogSpot. I hardly ever received comments there, the main reason I gave it up, but a friend set up a lovely carousel of my book covers. A BIG carousel! I loved it.

Last evening I went poking around in the widgets here on WP and came across the gallery widget, which offers several ways to display a group of pictures, including a carousel. Excited and worried that I wouldn’t be able to set it up right, I gave it a try and discovered it’s not hard at all. Hooray!

After adding the four book covers for my Texas Devlins series, I hit publish. Or was it save? I’m not sure. Anyway, I immediately went to my front page to look at the carousel — and was very disappointed. The pictures are so small! Just look at it over there to the right. You can barely read my book titles. Sheesh!

So, I contacted a nice member of the WP support team who helped me solve another problem with the sidebar a few days ago. I asked her if it’s possible to enlarge the carousel images. She politely replied that the size is constrained by the dimensions of the carousel. In other words, no.

Am I frustrated? You know it!


2 thoughts on “Thursday Tidbits: Book Cover Carousel

  1. Thanks, Alison. I’m glad you like it. Unfortunately, I can’t help you with setting up a carousel on Blogger because I didn’t set mine up. The husband of a friend did it, and I don’t know how.


  2. I love the new look and, while a bit small, the carousel is a nice addition. Must ask you how you did it on Blogger since that’s where I am.


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